World Giraffe Day 2018 Video

“Populations of giraffe, one of the most charismatic species on Earth, have dwindled precipitously over the past few decades. Now considered Vulnerable to Extinction by the IUCN, there are estimated to be <100,000¬†giraffe¬†remaining.

The causes of population declines are multi-fold, with habitat loss and fragmentation, disease, competition with livestock, and local bush meat trade all being major factors; however, all are likely linked to human population growth. Conserving giraffe, as with any wildlife species in Africa, is complex and requires both scientific understanding and action from multiple stakeholders.

In May 2018, 35 experts working directly on giraffe or in thematic areas relevant to conservation-based decision-making from NGOs, academia, and African governments came together to develop a unifying Africa-wide Giraffe Conservation Science Management Framework. During this first-ever Giraffe Conservation Science Symposium, the group identified key gaps for further assessment as well as opportunities for developing partnerships and working collaboratively across Africa to help save giraffe before it is too late.” -GCF Website-

Great Conservation Clip from GCF (more details).

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