What is a Plaasbakkie?

Now if you are new to Namibia and are visiting the beautiful Country I can guarantee that you will come across the Term “Plaasbakkie“. This Term is very special for all Namibians. I can bet you that 85% of Namibians learned their driving skills on one of them. Sowaar! You can see that automatically when some peoples driving are a bit on the rough side, just like a Plaasbakkie should be.

A REAL Plaasbakkie is very often a Land “Landie” Rover, some species of Toyota, sometimes Nissan or Datsun, Mazda OR a mixture of all 5, – beautifully decorated with pro- and beginner welding scars. We are gonna keep the Uri’s out of this one for the time being.

A true 100% authentic Plaasbakkie always has one character trait. Something is always living in the chassis somewhere and when you COULD dust it off it would be a ton lighter. Except for the really rough ones who have been turned in to a fossil of a car.

  • Here is what a Plaasbakkie is NOT:



  • What is:

– Never has an Audio system or a really kak one. It’s always on a very fixed Afrikaans Radio Frequency and is only being turned on when it’s the Weather Report or Landbou Nuus.

– Gauges never Work, NEVER!

– Very often one can find Plaasbakkies with Tyre slick’s used just like the ones used or abused in Formula One. If not the current tyres are slick as hell, the spare tyre will be, guaranteed. Shocks are also one of these Plaasbakkie topics. 😀


– A Plaasbakkie always has one or many slow punctures somewhere. There is no in-between.

– There is always, always, ALWAYS something rattling on these Vehicles. Constant rattling!

– Very high chance of having multiple layers of paint on the chassis, sometimes also wheels, mags and windscreen.

– Always some rust somewhere, you get different Versions.

– A Plaasbakkie must be able to carry Droppers, otherwise, it doesn’t qualify as a Plaasbakkie. Test failed! (Droppers – wooden logs, often soaked in used motor-oil used in fencing. See the clip below)

– High possibility of Bulletholes somewhere in the chassis, often Hoodbonnet could be missing as well. Once again you get different versions, most of the time when a Plaasbakkie is missing a Hoodbonnet then the chances that they might be missing the doors as well are high. At least one!

– Registration plate? What Registration plate?

Plaasbakkie’s often smell like Pontok. (Pontok: native Namibian for Hut. Pontok smell: imagine a mixture of smoke from half smouldering ashes, wood, dust and sheep. If you want to go 20% fancy than add in the smell of one of these round Doom Mosquito repelling burning glow rod things. Nice!)

A photo of one of these round Doom Mosquito repelling burning glow rod things.

Coastal Plaasbakkie’s are the best!!! And the most fun too. Always a slight stinge of Rooi-aas or Bait (Pilchard) in the air with those. Yster Namibian daai!

REAL Plaasbakkies are REAL Workhorses. They got the scars to prove it.

– A Plaasbakkie is the “Plaas” Afrikaans – the Farm’s best Friend, next to the Owner and the Farm Dog of course. In Otjiseva the Rooster takes first place – nice move there Hans-Dieter. Jobt dein Plaasbakkie noch? Nevertheless, everybody on the Farm learns driving on them. Sometimes the Police excuse them. They always carry wood and livestock all over the Farm and nearby towns. They are a big pain in the rear for many farmers, but still, they love them. Every proper Namibian Farmer has an Old Plaasbakkie. That’s why it’s so cool to go to Old Wheelers in Windhoek when they have a show-off of these Old-Timers. What does Namibia estimate? How many people in Namibia have already caught a ride on one, when considering this Number throughout the whole country?

– The Airconditioner inside the Plaasbakkie is always ON. Comes directly from the outside.

Plaasbakkies always have an old “Lappie” Afrikaans: old Rag, somewhere inside or on the Bakkie. Oil leakage and leakage as a whole is always something which needs attention. You will be surprised how often one of these old Rag’s turn out to be an old used piece of Garment. Men’s undies!

– Die Brikke!!! Don’t get me started on the Brakes (afrikaans: Brikke)…

– Also, many Plaasbakkies always carry wire and tools for repairing fences and have some sort of gun mounting for hunting. That’s a Plaasbakkie field of expertness. The Bachelor’s Degree on these Vehicles goes deep. Because some of the “coastal Plaasbakkies” have fishing-rod pipes/fittings somewhere on their bumpers or railings. Different tuning goetes!

– The winch is questionable, depends on location and owner. Plaasbakkies are used to being punished, and they can take it. Getting out of messy situations is for Plassbakkies often an Artform.

– How many Tourist’s and Visitors have already received a ride on the back of one? Hundreds of thousands!

If you own a nice one, send us a pic. We want to see! 🙂

Now we do try to keep things as accurate as possible around here at Namibia Adventures. Therefore, below we have attached a BEAUTY of a Plaasbakkie for you guys to drool over. Because we are! 🙂 Management would love to know who the owner is. He must get in contact with us…   

Check out the Vehicle licence. Almost up to date nogals 2020-07-31. The officer at the end: “John the loose wiring… Esses man!…… (droppers)      …. No mirrors!!!” 😀

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