What is a Padstallikie?

Now for those of you who don’t know what a Padstallikie is then let us put you into the educational line.  A Padstallikie (or Padstalle, Patstallitjie) just like a Shebeen is a dwelling for people to trade, often eat and drink. Not just Beer but also Omahere and certain (sometimes dodgy) homebrews are often favoured by the individual regulars to the Padstallikie or Shebeen. Always selling little goods (often homemade) to the bypassing visitor. As the Word says, Pad “afrikaans for Road” and stallikie which stands for “afrikaans the Stall”. So basically Roadstall if you would like. Let’s get a couple of things out of the Way first:

  • Is a Padstallikie equal to a Shebeen or vice versa?

In value to the Namibian People, Yes, both are equal but  – No – when it comes to Product Range diversity and consumption orientation. In that sense, they are not equal in our humble opinion because if you look at the history a true Namibian Padstallikie never Sold Alcohol! Never. Yes, they always had their “etchi or “quick swag out of the bottle” prepared (including for friends). So just like shebeens which are similar to Padstallikie just with the difference that the Shebeen is also a money gathering point of trade through the selling of Alcohol. Same with Padstallikie’s just without the selling point. So in essence, People got smashed to Pluto and back on some weird Mampoer Witblitz Mix. You know, the old one that your Grandfather used to stash away in the back drawer. That stuff which makes you travel back in time and chillin like an O.G. with Tabasco da Gama sipping his ice-cold draught while going all cosmopolitan on everyone! Nakara Jacket en alles, fly! Namibian fly! You gotta leave it to him, a man got Class when he genuinely chows down on some Closwa Chilli Bites.  So let’s see how to more explain this, but a Shebeen would always have Namibia’s Favourite Drink, right? Ice-Cold Windhoek Draught maybe? Maybe some Stillhouse Gin from Swakopmund? Maybe some Devils Claw from Erongo Winery? Compared, a Padstallikie would highlight other beautiful Namibian things like Olive Oil from Ruhleben Olive Farm, right around the Corner of the Olive field. A Padstallikie would definitely have homemade chutneys, most of them have farm-made Biskuits, ALL OF THEM have Biltong. No question, even the Shebeen! That’s how we Namibian’s roll, ne’. Happy days! O’Bira and Biltong.

Some Padstallikie also often have fresh Farm Eggs just like the ones at Waldschmidt and Happy Hens in Gobabis. What you will also see very much is that both Shebeen and Padstallikie both very often have a braai going in front of the main Shop Outlet. Selling Kapana or Chop’s fresh from the Grill. Only made with Namibian Charcoal, maybe they got their Bag from Jumbo Charcoal? Not sure. Both of them would always have Omuriro Firestarters. You are not Namibian if you don’t support local and buy Omuriro Firestarters. They are the best! One thing that a Padstallikie has more than a Shebeen, in my opinion, a showcase which one often sees at Nice’n Fresh Deliveries. You guys should see how openheartedly the Namibian public embraces this beautiful delivery concept. Their Prices are downright fantastic. But back to Padstalle, often they have lekker pryse op pampoen, plaas honey (gonna write a Blog about that one soon), and nowadys they even stock up on Hartlief Products and Klein Windhoek Schlachterei. Did you guys check that out? Gan kyk. Daai is mos lanie daai’… There is also a very high prediction that both of them will have Namibian Bully Beef and Maasbanker Blikkies. Daai is mos erg Namibian, canned seafood en vlys! But in hindsight, I would say a Padstallikie is more Food-Orientated in Nature whereas a Shebeen is more related to Adult Entertainment. P.S. All photos in this Blog Post are from Padstallikies in South Africa unfortunately. Still looking for a nice Namibian one…, if you are enjoying some of the local lock-down specials and driving through Namibia, should you see one in operation please leave them our invite for the campaign.

  • Are Padstallikies divided by race (often a question being asked by European Tourists – just ask our Namibian Tour Guides. They will tell you all about it)?

No, they are not. In my personal opinion, I have always enjoyed my time in Both. From Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and of course Namibian… the vibe was always friendly. Race in a Shebeen hasn’t really ever plaid a big issue, when people aren’t too drunk – well Noted! But that’s just my personal experience. We all know stupid stuff happens out there every day.

What makes them so special, the Shebeen and the Padstallikie both ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have nice and colourful decoration. That’s mos Namibia daai. Did you ever notice how colourful and colour happy true Namibian Artist’s are? That’s actually quite a cool thing about Namibia, don’t you think? Nevertheless, I don’t know if anyone in Namibia has noticed? Maybe the Namibian Farming community? Does anyone know about an operating Padstallikie operating in Namibia? We are looking for one! Do any of your ouks’ at the coast know of a Padstallikie by die boeg? That would be nice to know. Let us know if you find one at the coast. Coastal Foods, do you guys maybe know? We are looking for one in our nationwide Campaign…

This one is very debatable, any many people will argue with me but I believe the Shebeen has the better Kapana and the Better Braaivleis as a whole when it comes to Namibia. Just my personal opinion based on lots of experience. Don’t you guys think that some Namibian’s out there seriously over-cook their braaivleis?

Ernstige braaivleis-sake!!!

What do we think when Namibians judge Namibians regarding braai skillz? Do you think Namibians, in general, overcook their Braaivleis?

—» “ For 780 days 10 hours 48 minutes 13 seconds, we searched endlessly for our first Padstallikie! ” «— Clock is running nog steeds, ekse’. Let’s keep looking… 🙂 

Nevertheless, check out this awesome link which we found on Padstallikies in South Africa. These guys got their Stuff down! Damn straight!  Ma se kinners, check out Padstallikie No.44 🙂

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