We want your Plate! Restaurant Ad Invitation 2020 (closed)

Dear Namibian Restaurant owner,

  • A formal online Advertising Invitation

We at Namibia Adventures would like to formally invite you to join in our online Advertising campaign. We are developing a large social media platform in which we think that your Restaurant would be a nice addition.

In a matter of fact, EVERY Restaurant in Namibia is invited. Sorry, offer is not available for franchises. Only local home-grown Namibian Restaurants. Not debatable.
The closing date for this Invitation is the 29th of May 2020. Reason being, we want to prepare all graphics and media in one large Namibian Restaurants ONLY advertising campaign. We will launch everything on our Website and diverse social media on the 2nd June 2020 (Level-3 Corona level in Namibia). The basic sense is to help the Namibian Restaurant industry to encourage the public to engage with Restaurant specials. Expect our second Invitation for a second special run on the 29th June 2020.

To join in this FREE ad-campaign than all we need from you is the following:

1. The restaurant MUST have a Graphic Design which we can put Online. The graphic has to be self-understanding (*Diner quickly understands the special, without the need of help by a third party explanation – eg. Waiter)!!!

2. Create your Take Away special with creativity in mind. (Remember: Meal must be fit for Take-Away.)

3. Price of the meal and the closing date of your special must be on the Graphic Design (see attached samples. Namibian Graphic Designs, well Noted. )

4. Send your finished Special to campaign@namibia-adventures.com together with Adress details and opening hours. Plus, meal/special description.

5. This invitation is FREE for ALL NAMIBIAN RESTAURANTS and Food Outlets. Coffee Shops (klein Windhoek Service Station Puma), Lodge Restaurants (did the Management at Mokuti Lodge and Waterberg Plateau get that? ๐Ÿ™‚ ), Game Farm Restaurants (Erindi… no excuses big boss ๐Ÿ™‚ ), Doener /Shwarma Trailers (StrEat Byte in Windhoek…. bring Doener)…. you are all welcome to send us your Special. Personally we would all love to see some of the senior classic’s in here like Swakopmund Hansa Hotel or Heinitzburg, – with some Old School European Specials. Plus it is also important for us to showcase some new Restaurants or Outlets which are unknown to many Namibians. Please come forward! We wanna hear from you. Who has the better Pizza deal in Namibia? Windhoek or Swakopmund? Nobody knows, so please send some…. so ons check die shandi! Oshakati, we all know mos how you like your Pizza, ne’. ๐Ÿ™‚

6. Hygiene, however, is key!! Ads from run-down dirty food outlets will be rejected. We will come to check you. All rights of Admission for the Invitation are reserved. If you can send us a nice .jpg, .png. or .pdf of your level-3 lockdown special we will gladly add you in our Namibia Adventures Namibian Restaurants Ads campaign 2020.

7. We have a very big local following on our Website and on social media. Find us on Facebook or Pinterest under “Namibia Adventures” and approved Ads will have to agree that we advertise their Ads within our social Media ads campaign at no cost’s whatsoever. This is a 100% Free Marketing campaign for Namibian Restaurants ONLY!!! We are not gonna campaign your old Gumboots. Depending on public demand, we might create a campaign for that another day(?). Write to us! Ons kan debate papa! ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh yes, and most favoured special will have to agree on an Interview with us where you show us your kitchen and explain to us your special. We want to dedicate a complete Blog Post to you and give you some local recognition. From Namibians, – For Namibians!

8. Feel free to share this Invitation with other Namibian Restaurant owners. They are invited as well. Doesn’t matter the cuisine – if European, African, American, Asian, Fusion, Poikiekos, Braaivleis or slap tjips with Kapana. Ons soek hom!

Only 1 complete dish on your Graphic per Restaurant. Sides, side Salad or similar are welcome to be added to the special. WE WANT TO SEE YOU ON THE PLATE, NAMIBIA!!! We all want to see what Namibians love enjoying and have been missing during the lockdown. We are NOT going to post complete Menus!!! Only a one-dish special together with the details, per Restaurant. Be creative with your prices and if you want to advertise a combo like eg. “buy 2 for 1 all month long” or just a “1 Day Only special” (booking mandatory ? etc. – be specific) then feel free to put that inside your Ad. Unclear, blurred images and un-readable Graphics will be rejected. We keep Advertisement professional. VERY!!!

Closing Date: 29th May 2020…

We look forward to hearing from you and we believe this undertaking should be able to send a very strong media message for the benefits of the Namibian Restaurant industry.

Let’s stay in touch…

Namibia Adventures

P.S. From the first compilation of Specials we are gonna pick a winner. It’s gonna be on choice plus a mix on social media likes for every Restaurant Ad on our Facebook Page. We want the public to come and interact with us! Discuss the awesome Specials!! The winner gets a nice “99% fancy” Certificate which you can hang in your Restaurant. For bragging rights en goetes, ne’. Is mos lanie daai… ๐Ÿ™‚

ยป Download your Namibia Adventures Restaurant Ad Invitation here!

ยป Go to Thank You and Q&A Page here!

ยป Join in to the Certificate Discussion here…

ยป Some Room for Improvements perhaps? Make the most out of your free Campaign Ad. A valuable Tip from us… ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

We want your Plate! Certificates!

  • Great links:

ยป Check out Canva.com – ideal for quick, nice and FREE Graphic – and Advertisement creation.

ยป A Facebook Group for Namibian Freelancers! Some good inexpensive Graphic Designers in there… support local Artists!

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