We want your Plate! Certificates!

We would just like to inform you all that we love what we have reached so far. OMG!!! Namibia… YOU ARE GONNA LOVE WHAT’S COMING. PROMISED!!! Keep on sending in. Please Namibia. It’s gonna be such a beautiful treat for this beautiful Nation. This is really gonna be something special, sowaar. You Guys in Namibian Catering are nogals wakker, ne’!Eish! Wow!

Nevertheless, here are the Certificates which are coming out for each of the 3 Categories. Find the Category description here!

Come join us on Facebook and leave us your emoji-vote of your favourite one. Plus give us your thought on who should get which Certificate? Namibia is welcome to help us make the right choices. Public feedback wanted. We will also share our thoughts with you as well, as we go along… be nice guys! Remember ne’, I know Tokoloshe! 🙂

P.S.: Their’s a rumour from Facebook, apparently these are the new emojis coming out soon!

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Did you know that the Special which we made for Jonno’s Bistro in Windhoek is still available up to today?

Jonno’s Bistro Special in Windhoek

Nice touch Jonno, love it! High five buddy. How’s your Family doing my friend? Hope you’re well. Namibia wants to see your special tjiomma… 🙂 . Also come vote!!! Is mos gou, gou daai…

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