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Travelling Namibia with Minors

Whether you and your children plan to travel Namibia together – or your child will be travelling alone, prepare well in advance to ensure a safe and happy trip. Prepare your Child’s (or your Children’s) Travel documents thoroughly. Check the entry and exit requirements of Namibia, generally provided for you from the specific Airline which you will be embarking on. Travelling with Minors needs more than just a simple Visa!   Contact the embassy or consulate of each country you plan to visit to check their entry requirements. All children should carry a valid passport when they are travelling or living abroad. Children under the age of 16 can sign their own passports, but if they do not, leave the signature block on page 3 blank. If you sign it on behalf of the child the passport will be invalid. If you or your children are dual or multiple citizens, always travel with your passport from your country of residence. Always present yourself as an individual from your current country of residence towards foreign authorities, especially when entering and leaving the country of your other nationality, unless you must enter and exit the country using that country’s passport. (featured photo by Southern Destinations)

      + Please take Note of the following:

• Guardians (family member, friend) travelling with the child(ren) must provide affidavits from both parents giving permission for a child(ren) to travel, in addition to the valid birth certificate(s). Certified copies of their parents/ legal guardian’s passports must be available upon request.

• Both parents travelling with the child(ren) under the age of 18 have to produce a full/unabridged birth certificate for the child (both parents’ details must be on the birth certificate). Certified copies of the birth certificates are also accepted. It is no longer sufficient to merely have a statement pertaining to the child(ren) in the parent’s passport.

• One parent travelling with a child(ren) when the other parent has passed away, must produce a certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased parent.

• One parent travelling with a child(ren) must have consent from the other parent in the form of an affidavit (no older than 4 months from the date of travel) or custody agreement, confirming permission to travel with a child(ren). A certified copy of the absent parent’s passport must also be available for presentation upon request.

• A minimum of six months prior expiration date needs to be shown clearly on every Passport before the expiry date of the Travel Document/Booklet.

• At least three free pages (clean without Stamps) inside the individual’s Passport.

• Proof of return air tickets is a must.

• Birth Certificates from each minor is highly recommended.

•  Medical documents are highly recommended in case of medical allergies or similar. In the rare case for the need of a specific medication, it is very likely that the medication for the minor will be very different from the medication available than from the country of residence. Especially when prescription medication plays a role! Also, take into consideration, should the child(ren) eg. break a leg during horseplay by falling from of a Tree (or similar), difficulties could seriously become a massive bourdon for everyone. This will create a beautiful Vacation into an unimaginable nightmare.

     + Video clip with International Travel Tipps

Furthermore, we recommend carrying supporting identification for each child, such as a birth certificate, citizenship certificate, divorce papers, consent letters, custody court orders or a death certificate, if one or both parents are deceased. This will help prove your citizenship, residency and custodial rights when you return to your country of home residence. Make sure you have a consent letter or a court order if a child is travelling abroad alone, with only one parent or guardian, or with friends, relatives or a group (see our download section below). A consent letter proves that the child has permission to travel abroad from parents or guardians who are not accompanying him or her. The consent letter should be signed by any person or organization who is not travelling with the child and who has the legal right to make major decisions for the child, including anyone with access rights, custody rights, guardianship rights or parental authority. Make sure the letter includes the date on which the child is to return home. It may also help to have the letter certified by a commissioner of oaths, notary public or lawyer so that border officials will be less likely to question it. Speak with a lawyer if you are involved in a custody dispute or if a dispute might develop while the child is abroad.

Travelling Namibia with Minors (photo from Travelstart)

If you already have a custody order or agreement, make sure that it permits the child to travel outside the specific country of residence. If you travel to Namibia (or abroad in general) with the child without the legal right to do so, you could be accused of parental child abduction. Human trafficking is a big topic for the international society and should be monitored by all means necessary. In regards to Namibian custody orders are not automatically recognized or enforceable in other countries without going to court. Check with your country of residence, (if established) at the Namibia embassy or consulate if you have any questions. If your child has been abducted or retained without authority abroad, contact the Namibian police or the nearest embassy or consulate of residence abroad. For more information on Child abduction and custody issues view the selection of our .pdf downloads below or get in contact with the professionals listed below.

     + Document Downloads and various Legal Information

• Affidavit Document for International Visitors 

• The protection of children’s rights in Namibia: Law and policy

• Child Protection Policy (outline from Child Line Namibia – 2011)

• Legal Namibian Visa Application for Tourist’s with Minors

• The Namibian Gazette CHILD CARE AND PROTECTION ACT, 2015 (279 Pages)

• Namibian Police

     + Help with Visa Documents

Should you have any unclarity with such a matter than our recommendation would be to get in contact with Mr David Viljoen right here in Windhoek, Namibia. Contact him at Tel: +264-81-270-8680, or Mrs Vissie Viljoen at Tel: +264-81-122-0523 (paid service). Office hours are from Monday to Friday btw. 07hoo – 13hoo and 14hoo – 17hoo (CAT). From our experience, their service is very professional and they will gladly help you out. Their Office in Windhoek works directly with the Namibian Ministry of Tourism and they are always true to all Visa deadlines. English and Afrikaans only! Otherwise feel free to give us a call at our Office Head-Quarters.

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