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The updated Namibian Wetlands Route

Situated in a very limited riverine forest, Caprivi Mutoya Lodge & bivouac lies on the banks of a tranquil backwater lake of the Zambezi, around 24km east of Katima Mulilo. For eight months of the year (mid-May to February) the lodge backwater becomes a separate lake because it is interrupted from the most Zambezi once the floods recede.

Mutoya is that the native name for “Waterberry Tree”, thanks to the presence of those trees found right along the shore. close the lodge ar ancient Jackalberry Trees (African Ebony) likewise as various alternative autochthonous trees, that are home to monkeys, squirrels, and outsized sort of birds and alternative tiny species. because of the quiet waters of the hippo pools, there’s conjointly a teemingness number of water birds, that Caprivi is known for, a paradise for ticking twitchers.

Facilities on provide embrace a bar and eating place, cosy lounge with DSTV, books & games, and access to a local area network. The lounge is enclosed by an outsized picket deck with a hearth pit and beautiful lake views. there’s conjointly a tiny low natatorium for those desire to chill off on sweltering hot days.

The download link is a very fresh and revised HTML. document for the individual adventurers interested regarding this area. The details have been beautifully created, compilated and supplied via the Caprivi Mutoya Lodge in Katima Mulilo, Namibia.

  • To download this stunning brochure please click below (digital hosting via ISSUU):

The updated Namibian Wetlands Route

Image by: Caprivi Mutoya Lodge in Katima Mulilo, Namibia.


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