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The Namibian Experience

The Namibia Experience

The stunning expansive deserts of Namibia provide a feast of visual treats to take in on your family safari. Adults and children will love seeing families of elephants drinking and bathing in the hidden oases they locate to survive in the blistering heat. In the heart of Damaraland, situated in northern Namibia, can be discovered the fascinating petrified forest, created approximately280 million years ago when a giant deluge buried them beneath the sandy soil. Within hollow tree trunks glittering crystalline quartz can be found. Namibia is filled with an ancient gallery of rock paintings by San Bushmen, some dated at 27, 000 years old. Children will relish the opportunity to match the timeless pictures with the indigenous animals that still occupy the country like antelopes, giraffes, elephants and lions. Brimming with archaeological delights, Namibia is both an exciting and educational destination for a family safari that introduces tourists to Africa’s riveting natural history.

Drive or Fly over the Skeleton Coast

On the Namibian coast by the Atlantic Ocean lies the famous Skeleton Coast. Here the whaling trade thrived when it was legal. Those days have long passed and the main skeletons to be viewed there are the many shipwrecked vessels that dot the beaches. Huge waves crash upon the shore, while heavy fog reminds holidaymakers how the ships the Otavi, Eduard Bohlen, Tong Taw and Dunedin Star became stranded there. On your family safari you can drive through the region with an expert guide or take advantage of one of the arresting scenic flights, gaining a bird’s eye view of the intriguing area. Parents and children will find the life sustaining wells fashioned by elephants and baboons an incredible sight. All the wildlife found in the area has shown great tenacity adapting to survive in this desert region. A trip to the Skeleton Coast should be placed on the itinerary for your family safari in Namibia.

See the Sweeping Sand Dunes of Sossusvlei on your Family Safari

Situated between the Koichab and Kuiseb rivers, the Sossusvlei region spans approximately 32,000 km² and is filled with gigantic red sand dunes. This beautiful area of the Namib Desert in southern Namibia is home to a vast number of animals, including antelopes, jackals, lizards, springboks and oryxes. Children adore the timid ostriches that sprint with astounding speed and grace across the red sands. Be sure to visit Big Daddy during your family safari in Namibia, the highest dune in Sossusvlei at a huge height of 1,000 feet.

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