Skydive over the Namib Desert

Tandem skydiving gives an exhilarating experience of a lifetime. It is great fun and gives you a spectacular view of the stunning Atlantic coastlines and the Namib Desert. One must experience a tandem jump in Namibia at least once so as to enjoy a great freefall .

The excitement of skydiving is never ending.
It is very easy to calculate your freefall time. There are several skydiving clubs that claim to give a very long freefall and some even claim to give you a freefall of more than 60 seconds! But the fact is that while doing a tandem skydive , it takes approximately 10 seconds to fall through the first 1000 ft and reach terminal velocity. Afterwards, it will take only 5 seconds for every 1000 ft (304.8 meter). It is noteworthy that according to the Namibian Parachute Federation , the main parachute has to be opened by 4000 ft. This allows calculating your freefall time correctly. A tandem skydive from 8000 ft (2 438.4 meter). gives you a 25 seconds freefall while a tandem jump from 9000 ft (2 743.2 meter). gives a 30 seconds freefall. If you do a tandem jump from 10000 ft. it will give you a 35 seconds freefall and a tandem skydive from 11000 ft. will give you a 40 seconds freefall. But if you want to jump from a further height, say, 12000 ft or 14000 ft (3 657.6 meter to 4 267.2 meter). the freefall time would be respectively 45 seconds and 55 seconds. Because Swakomund is a Coastal Town the Skydive Jump takes place at 22 965.879 265 feet (7000 meter) which allows for a longer freefall to enjoy the spectacular nature from above. Nothing is more exciting than seeing the contrast of blue and brown which the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib Desert deliver when experienced from above.

The above mentioned freefall time are general guidelines and there may be small variations. These variations may depend upon the combined weight of you, your instructor and the parachute. Your weight has a direct impact on your freefall time. The heavier you are, the faster you’ll fall. The sport of tandem jump gives an altogether a new high and a person can enjoy a riveting freefall. People can enjoy the sport without any pressure and experience the marvelous feeling of flying in the air. With this thrilling sport, people also have the opportunity to challenge their fear of heights. It is an excellent way to do so; without any fear as in a tandem skydives the instructor will be harnessed to you. The fear is reduced as there is no responsibility of jumping solo. It is a perfect sport for those people who want to make their life exciting by indulging in a stimulating sport like that of a tandem jump.

People who want to enjoy the exciting sport of tandem skydive can easily indulge in a tandem jump at Swakopmund.

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