SKW Brauhaus Haxenfest

Eisbein (literally: “ice leg”) is a German culinary dish of pickled ham hock, usually cured and slightly boiled. The word comes from the bone which was once used for blades of ice skates. In Southern parts of Germany, the common preparation is known as Schweinshaxe, and it is usually roasted. The Polish dish Golonka and Swedish dish fläsklägg med rotmos are very similar, alternatively grilled on a barbecue; another similar dish is the Swiss Wädli and the Austrian Stelze.

On Saturday the 26th 2020, the SKW Brauhaus had their annual “Haxenfest” (Engl. Pork Knuckle Party) where they were proclaiming their first “Haxenkoenig” (engl.Pork Knuckle-King). Now when it comes to Eisbein, the Guys at the SKW Brauhaus mean serious Business and don’t play around. They definitely serve the biggest Pork Knuckles known to man, prepared extra large with a superior crispy crust and extra juicy. The mission was to finish off a 2kg Eisbein with 4 Dumplings, Sauerkraut and a 1 Litre Keg of beer within 60 minutes. Those Porkknuckels are so large, easily would feed 2 individuals. Only 6 members were allowed to participate and believe you me, it was carnage. The man who took the cup was Mr Carl-Heinz Benzeler with only 17 minutes and 45 seconds. He literally came prepared without eating the day before.

There also was some ambient background music performed by Hannes “Kaufeee” Kaufmann. At SKW Brauhaus they surely know how to create a cosy environment with great service. All-in-all a great little event.

If you would love to try this german culinary speciality then go visit the SKW (Sport Klub Windhoek) Brauhaus. They frequently have the Eisbein special every couple of weeks. Wika Street, Olympia, Windhoek, Namibia.

Carl-Heinz “Calatz” Benseler – Haxenkoenig 2020

Hannes “Kaufeee” Kaufmann


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