Room for Improvement perhaps?

Once again we would love to thank all the beautiful entries we have received so far. Especially today, got a nice one in from Swakopmund just now. Well done Outlet, you know who you are 🙂 . You’re in for a real treat, just wait and see.

We would just like to inform you to all that already entered to please review their Information which they are placing on their non-graphical Ad with us (the right part of the Sample images below). Please make sure if the information about your Special will be sufficient for you? We will not do changes while the campaign is running. Please take note. Remember, there are quite a considerable amount of international Visitors looking in while the campaign is running. You might want to add more Text for your free Ad (recommended). The choice, however, remains optional. The Blue Link on the Ad will take you directly to your personal Website, your Facebook Page OR to your own Online Ad presence. The choice remains yours, remember to include the URL when sending in.  Maximum description length for the Text Only part will be recommended for at least 150 words, Maximum for the Ad space allowed are 500 Words.

  • Our Website Sample 1 – Light Ad

  • Our Website Sample 2 – Recommended Ad

Please Note: There is no Tatte Kulu’s in Rocky Crest as far as to our knowledge. Write to us if you own such an Outlet. We want to hear from you!

Some advice: Try to tell us a bit about your Restaurant, Catering Services or Food Outlet. What is the location surroundings, maybe some Landmarks around your Place? Your Restaurant Atmosphere maybe, special opening times? How would we understand and expect at your Place when we have never been there? Tell us, we want to know! Check spelling please before sending in. Try to make the best out of your free Campaign Ad. Remember, it’s YOUR Ad Space. We are not going to interfere with any branding here. You are allowed, if you have a bunch of nice photography, send in 2 extra photos of the meal itself without branding. Add your photography logo on there if you want to. Just photo and the photographer. We will add them to your Outlet Online Ad Campaign Portfolio. Feel free to give some recognition to the Designer as well if you want to. We want to find out who does which quality work here in Namibia (optional). We might hand out a Photography Certificate for that as well (?). Still in the discussion.

Q: We are being kept asking the same question and okay we are gonna give everyone a bit more lee-way. What International Clientelle? We want to know more about your Marketing Strategy.

Here’s what we have planned for Facebook with this free Campaign. Marketing Locations: Germany, England, USA, South Africa, Thailand, Italy, France and India (for now, we will add more). Our marketing criteria is a very focused Online Marketing Angle where Global Enterprises involved in Food, as well as, Food Manufacturing and Food related Hospitality are being reached out to. Our potential Ad reach for the Campaign Root will be estimated for around btw. 540,000,000 to 800,000,000 international individuals. We REALLY want to show the World what the Namibian Culinary Institute is made of, no matter which niece or branch (Catering, Game Farms, Lodges, Hotels etc.). That’s also one of the reasons why we won’t take entries which don’t meet Campaign parameters. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you more at this time, sorry promised Tokoloshe! 🙂

Q: But how do international online viewers supposed to help my Restaurant or Food Outlet?
Relax for the time being. We aren’t there yet! We’ll tell you. At this moment this campaign is very important for Namibians and Namibians only!

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