Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Namibia honeymoon

Since Prince Harry of Wales and American actress Rachel Meghan Markle proclaimed their engagement in late 2017, speculation concerning their honeymoon destination has been rampant. However, currently, it looks that their selection is evident – the comparatively little-visited and hugely lovely Southern African nation of the formerly known “German South West Afrika” currently named Namibia. Beautiful Namibia is being put in to focus once again regarding the list of a royal celebrity visitation.

Africa has perpetually been a powerful challenger given royal Prince Harry’s long relationship with the continent, like his Sentebale charity in Botswana (formerly known as Basutoland), his role as patron of the rhinoceros Conservation within Botswana and his multiple visits to varied countries over the years. After having a closer look at Namibia, it’s easy to see why the couple eventually chose to go there for the exclusive-romantic honeymoon imaginable. In fact, if you’re planning your own honeymoon, or simply want to go somewhere unforgettable with your partner, you should seriously consider Namibia, as this southwestern African nation is filled with once-in-a-lifetime adventures and experiences to offer.

Known for its mountainous dunes (eg. Dune 7 – biggest global Dune), desolate Skeleton Coast and unimaginable desert-adapted wildlife, the country also will give the couple with one thing seldom doable elsewhere within the world – absolute peace and privacy. It’s a similar reason why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie travelled there typically, and why they selected it because of the place for the birth of their adopted girl, Nouvel Jolie Pitt.

With an estimate of simply 3 folks per sq. kilometre, Namibia is the least densely inhabited country in Africa. And within the northwest region of the Kaokoveld, wherever royal Prince Harry and Meghan couple are roaming or thought to be heading, things are even additionally secluded. it’s an unreal landscape of slender, winding valleys hemmed in by rocky cliffs, wherever wild elephants, giraffes, rhinos and lions will graze. The desert mountains give for attractive vistas and hammer home the sense of splendid isolation. The Namib Desert will put the value of “silence of Nature” towards a hard perspective of personal understanding and value of respect of essence. Tented hunting expedition camps are rare, remote and infrequently gorgeous in their elegant simplicity, like the new Hoanib Nature Camp – the rumoured secret selection of Harry and Meghan(!).

After the royal wedding on the 19th May, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will fly off for their honeymoon — and in keeping with Travel + Leisure, the destination of selection is the formerly known “German South West Africa“, known today as Namibia.

Neighbouring Botswana, that the couple last visited for Meghan Markle’s thirty-sixth birthday celebration, Namibia offers unimaginable views and supreme privacy.

  1. To find out what a honeymoon itinerary in Namibia may look like, Business Insider talked to Marisa Lassman, a travel expert and founder of Another Africa, a luxury travel agency that specializes in unique and tailored trips across the continent.”We go to great lengths to profile our clients and understand their interests, travel preferences, and requirements,” Lassman told Business Insider. “No two itineraries are ever the same.” Lassman also noted the best time of year to visit Namibia is in May. With the royal couple and their tastes in mind, she drafted an eight-day itinerary for their honeymoon. (Click here for original statement)
  2. From Hot-Air-Ballooning, explicit culinary experiences, horseback riding or stunning wildlife rumour has it that this personal tour will be joined via a documentary film producer (unknown). Be excited about footage regarding shots including the very limited access. This undertaking is one of our top 5 Events to follow within the Hippo’s Blog.


We at Hippo Adventure Tours do wish the royal couple an experience-filled adventure and stunning honeymoon in advance. Many blessings from our side and we are deeply excited towards their arrival within our splendid country.

P.S. We have to admit that we are a bit jealous for not been chosen to perform the honeymoon guiding services. Nevertheless, we remain very excited… 🙂

Photo: Frank Augstein/AP


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