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14 of Namibia’s outstanding local Products

We at Hippo Adventure Tours love Namibia and support local Namibian Businesses who go through great efforts to manufacture outstanding Namibian Products. For all Holidaymakers and Visitors spending some time within our beautiful country, we would love to share some of these Products. Keep an eye out for these Items and judge for yourself. One will notice that all these Brands supply great Products which can stand up to International Competitors. Something locals are very proud of.

So, without further due, here is our first listing, hand selected by the Hippo Adventure Tour’s Team:

     + Choice No.1 – Namibia Dairy Products

Do you know the difference between Oshikandela Plain and Nammilk Omaere Plain?  Oshikandela is a smooth low-fat drinking yoghurt that can be used as a complete meal replacement all on its own. Omaere is a full-cream cultured milk known for its high nutritional value. It is a brilliant source of nutrients for the entire family and a healthy choice to use as a mix for breakfast, cereal and pap* (*Pap – a cooked maize porridge generally consumed all throughout Namibia). This Product is packed in bright coloured Dairy Containers with traditional African design elements, very hard to overlook on the shelves. Generally available at most general Retailers all throughout Namibia.

• Generally, Prices for a 2 Litre container roam around N$47,99.

Manufacturer: Nammilk

     + Choice No.2 – Cold Cuts and fresh Meat Supplies

Love your Cold Cuts or not sure where to get trusted Meat Products? Namibia’s biggest butchery enterprise is at your doorstep for trusted offerings. Hartlief has been committed to providing and manufacturing quality products not only for the Namibian Market but also border-crossing. Hartlief hasn’t changed its processes in this time and continues to produce premium meat the same way it always has. Time and tradition is the secret behind this family-oriented business for the last 70 years. Their Head office / Butchery located in Windhoek offers a comfortable Rooftop Bistro and a fully stocked On-Site Retail Shop for Walk-In Customers, selling both individual Items and Bulk. Some of their Range Items include Ham’s, Spread’s, diverse Salamis, Sausages and a great offering on Bulk Meat options.

• Ideal for your next Potjie (click for details) !!!

More Information: Hartlief Website 

     + Choice No.3 – Namibian Beer

Namibia’s premium quality range of Beer’s are well known for being an all natural Product, brewed using only the finest imported ingredients. The complete Product palette delivers a refreshing taste profile for the social drinking occasion. We can almost guarantee Visitors in Namibia that you will cross these Beverages throughout your stay here. Produced by the Namibia Breweries Company located in Windhoek, one can say that most of the Range is highly refreshing beer products. Beers like the known “Draught range” can be found on tap at selected outlets, as well as in the unique ‘big’ 450ml nonreturnable pack – ideal for any outdoor occasion or any social gathering. Some Product Range listings include Tafel Lager, Windhoek Lager, Windhoek Draught, Windhoek Light, the newly added “Camelthorn” Range and many more. Did you know that Namibia Breweries respects and cherishes the 1516 Reinheitsgebot method of brewing up to this day? Just like mentioned inside their branding: “Made of the Right Stuff”.

• Generally, a 440ml Can of Windhoek Draught sells for about N$20,00.

More Information: Namibia Breweries Company Website

     + Choice No.4 – Namibia Diamonds

Everybody knows Namibia has a long ongoing History regarding superior Diamonds (read our past Blogs for more Info). The company Hard Stone Processing aka. “HSP” processes rough diamonds from various De Beers owned mines, including Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Canada. Namibian All rough sources are from ethically responsible suppliers and HSP guarantees the highest level of corporate standards to its clients. This company produces classic brilliant cut diamonds branded with ‘Cut in Namibia’, to distinguish them as ethically responsible Namibian products. Raw Diamonds handled via HSP are polished and cut to triple-excellent standard, to meet the global standard for top cut high-quality diamonds. Should you buy some Jewellery throughout your stay in Namibia which includes Diamonds, there is a high possibility that those Gemstones have been handled via HSP.

More Information: Hard Stone Processing Namibia Website

• Would you like to know more about Namibian Gemstones?

     + Choice No.5 – Namibia Wines

If you are a Wine connoisseur than don’t ignore this one! It’s not just only Stellenbosh and France where the best Wines are being bottled. Situated in Omaruru, the Erongo Mountain Winery can be found. At 1200 meters above sea level, situated along the Omaruru river and surrounded by the beautiful rugged mountains of the Erongo region (Namibia) this Winery produces a Range of Wines which can take on any International Wineries. Wines from the Erongo Mountain Winery are trailblazing, together with the innovative boutique winery is pioneering the Namibian wine industry one Vintage after another. Their Collection to keep an eye out for include Ohamba, Namibian Kiss, Krantzberg, Etosha Blend, Chenin Blanc. Our personal recommendation would be the Etosha Blend, a depth of Shiraz spice and sweet fruit complements the Cabernet Sauvignon’s boldness and dark berry flavours. To add a small Insider Tip, try to get hold of their renowned “Devilsclaw Apperativ” (available inside the Hippo’s Shop), made purely from the Devilsclaw (Latin classification: Harpagophytum) which outranks Europe’s “Jägermeister” by miles! In our humble opinion, the delivery of this Product regarding their Bottle Design deserves a Red Dot Design Award. Rumour has it, apparently extracts from this ingenious plant has been used by Namibian indigenous Tribes as a very successful natural medicinal heart remedy (?).

• We stock many of their Products within our Hippo Adventure Tours Shop.

• Ideal for your next Potjie (click for details) !!!

• Like to know more about Namibian medicinal Plants?

More additional Products from this Namibia Distillery are available and can be reviewed here. 

     + Choice No.6 – Namibian Olive Products

Who doesn’t love good quality Olive Products? No matter from quality Namibian Olive Oil up to Olives packed in Brine. These Products contain no additives whatsoever, compared to commercial Products which usually are loaded with dodgy preservatives. The olives from the Ruheleben Olive Farm, located at the Namibian Coast are popular with the locals and Visitors alike. Also, hence the superior quality of these Namibian Olive Products are used in many of the local Namibian restaurants. Green and black olives are handpicked and sorted for the curing and bottling process. From raw fruit to the packaged product is a long process, very labour intensive in order to put the emphasis on a superior quality. A range of Products free from strange commercially used chemical additives. As they say, quality takes time and special attentional care.

Have a look here for more Information on Namibia Olive Products 

     + Choice No.7 – Namibian Plant Cosmetics

Yes, Namibia Produces Cosmetics! Ever heard about “!Nara”? The !Nara plant, also called !Nara melon or !Nara fruit which belongs to the botanical family of pumpkin plants. The scientific name is formerly known as Acanthosicyos horridus. This species of Plant is a thorny shrub that is endemic in the Namib Desert and only grows in the dunes along Namibia’s Kuiseb river bed. The nurturing and healing properties gained from the Oils of the !Nara plant has been known to the indigenous people of Namibia for centuries. For the !Nara cosmetic products, the dried !Nara seeds are cold pressed in a special, patented spiral press without the use of solvents or other additives. Body Oils, soothing Night Creams and Deo Creams are some of their available Cosmetic choices.

Complete details about these Namibia Cosmetics can be found here.

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     + Choice No.8 – Namibia Canned Products

The fishing Enterprise, Etosha Fishing, offers Atlantic mackerel in a can. This one is specifically selected by Hippo’s for our Backpacker Guests. The value addition of horse mackerel in a Can, Namibia’s favourite national fish product, branded as “Efuta Maasbanker canned product range” are offered in three flavours namely tomato, chilli and salt water. This is a truly Namibian product “dressed” in the traditional bright magenta coloured label, and get’s its name from one of the indigenous languages meaning “from the ocean”. The product is not only available in Namibia, but is also generally available throughout southern Africa. Expect to see it on the shelves.

• Depending on location, expect Prices of N$20,00 and up. Great buy!

Have a complete look at the entire canned Fish Product Range available

• Also, read this Blog Post about Namibian Atlantic Deep Sea Trawling

• An Anglers Paradise here in Namibia (fresh water)

     + Choice No.10 – Namibian Gin

Did you know a nice glass of Gin and Tonic is a good preventative for Malaria? The quinine found inside tonic water is what really helps the prevention of malaria. It has a bitter taste hence which it is complemented by the addition of gin. That’s the reason why British colonialists in India started to drink the combo in the first place. Stillhouse Gin is a true spirit from Namibia’s Atlantic Coastline. Distilled using 14 botanicals inside Stillhouse’s Gin recipe, 10 plants are being foraged locally throughout Namibia. Careful choices have been made regarding their choice of organically grown citrus, free from pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Tiny batches of this Product are Distilled in-house making each bottle of aromatic Stillhouse Gin a masterpiece with an individual finish to create a unique work of uniqueness and taste. When it comes to rare liqueurs, add this one to the list.

• Prices range generally around N$450,00 and higher.

Would you like to know more about Namibian Gin? 

     + Choice No.11 – Namibian Poultry

There is nothing better than some spicy chicken on a braai (BBQ). Namibia produces and offers some outstanding poultry food products available throughout all of Namibia. Namib Poultry, located just outside Windhoek in the direction of Okahandja puts great emphasis when it comes to our chickens. Once again for Namibian Company’s, high value for chemically free, organic processing is on top of the line. Unlike frozen Products imported from South Africa, this Company is ensuring optimum freshness!

• Pre-packed and supplied via General Retailers, expect a weighed Price range around N$60,00 per kilo.

• Ideal for your next Potjie (click for details) !!!

See where this Poultry Product comes from

     + Choice No.12 – Namibian Firestarters (Hippo’s favourite Product choice)

We all love a good campfire or braai (BBQ). So why use petroleum products when there is a better alternative? Here is our choice for one of our favourite Namibian Products. Omuriro is a fairly new Product available on the Namibian Market. Omuriro which translates as “Fire” in the native Otjiherero language is Namibia’s finest all natural firelighters. Completely made from the toughest hardwood brush trees found throughout southern Africa. Nothing compares to this Namibian product made entirely from the renewable Acacia Black Thorn. All Self-Driver Guest’s, Hikers and Camper’s should make sure to include this one inside their Gear.

Hippo’s choice Award reasoning: Although all the listed Products and suppliers listed here are Top of the Range, why does this Product get to receive our Company Product choice Award? Omuriro firestarters represent the true essence of a natural, hands-down stunning Product. For a type of “Result producing surplus” which in general get’s destroyed via burning, a lot of effort, labour and down to earth thought went into this beautiful item. Don’t be fooled by its professional Package Design! If you are an Individual who respects Nature and the Earth as a whole, you will know exactly what we are raving about. Each individual “burning Stick” is self-explanatory, where one becomes aware of the fact that this Product has been put together based on a design concept which seems simple. Nevertheless, on a deeper insight into this Item, the historical history of mankind as such so with reveals itself. Showing humble properties on methods which have been used through the ages, even before daily petroleum-based competitor products available these days. We would just like to note that this Company is not just using selected invader Bush and 90% natural ingredients, but they also have a unique employment scheme for our fellow Namibians. So with, they do help people in rural areas with high unemployment like Omaruru location, Kalkfeld and Omatjete to become Entrepreneurs and even employ others. Furthermore, they do deliver Tooling and Material and collect monthly what has been produced (Complete Firelighters or components). It is very encouraging to see how this undertaking has a very positive impact already. Additionally, they employ 10 Individuals inside the factory in Omaruru Town, which for a new manufacturing establishment is very commendable. Respekt!

• Available for round about N$29,00 at selected locations. Also available inside our Shop, when in Stock!

Ideal for your next Potjie (click for details) !!!

More details on these Firestarters can be found here

     + Choice No.13 – Namibia dried Meat Snacks

You thought we gonna leave out Biltong, didn’t you? For those of you who don’t know Biltong, it can be compared almost to America’s favourite Snack known as “Jerky”. Most people unfamiliar with Biltong soon learn to love this Food Item and just can’t help reaching for a little more from the snack bowl. And while everything is good in moderation, biltong is one of the better snacks to enjoy. Visitors will come across this Product all over throughout their Safari at General Retailers, Service Stations or Potjies* (7/11 Portuguese Retailers) who always have Biltong Stocked. Different Ranges include Chilli Bites, Rangers, Droewors (same like Biltong just in Sausage Form), Wheels, Stokkies and many, many more. The Okahandja located Enterprise “Closwa” is a consistent supplier of this much-loved Snack.

• Expect to pay around a minimum of N$95,00 per kilo, depending on Type, flavour, size and location of purchase.

One of Namibia’s biggest commercial suppliers of packaged Biltong

     + Choice No.14 – Namibia Leather Products

If you want to buy a fashion item which last’s a lifetime than we at Hippo’s can only recommend the Products manufactured at Nakara. Given the extensive range of raw materials with all different properties on their own, the many processes developed over time leather making is highly versatile and leather manufacturers can produce qualities with widely varied properties and looks. Nakara produces a wide range of natural leather garments, ostrich bags, belts, wallets, coats, purses, handbags selective from a wide selection of game skins (Oryx, Springbok, Kudu, Zebra,). Products are sold at Nakara’s boutiques in Swakopmund, Windhoek and Nakara Factory Shop Windhoek. No pleather anywhere around here! They also offer custom tailored Masterpieces on request.

Check out Nakara’s craftsmanship leather Products here.

Something extra (Choice No.9 – Branding) – Hippo Adventure Tour’s small insider Tip:

Take a look out for Products branded with the Team Namibia Logo. This show’s that it’s purely approved and quality inspected Namibian Goods. You can be ensured that they will be good for you.

Details on Team Namibia available here

Although there are a whole bunch of manufacturers and producers available throughout Namibia who supply superior products, unfortunately, we can’t list everyone in this Post. Nevertheless, we want you to watch this Space as we are going to list more inside an upcoming Post in near future. We lovingly ask our Namibian Guest’s to visit the above-listed Company’s and/or purchase and try their Products should you come across them. At Hippo’s we are committed to support and promote all Namibian suppliers who enable us to get hold of their well-respected offerings. In essence, as we preach here at Hippo’s: “Don’t just be a Tourist in Namibia, – experience Namibia”.

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Click this link for a complete List of Top Products Exported by Namibia

Image rights: Photos owned by each mentioned Producer


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