Namibia Tourism Expo 2018

Since its origination in 1999 , the Republic of Namibia Tourism exhibition has systematically fully grown and has earned an outstanding name for providing the sole centralized promoting platform for Namibia’s tourism trade. aside from presenting a extremely effective showcase for Exhibitors active in commercial enterprise, the organizers have revitalized the exhibition year after year by increasing the showcase.

The 20th annual Namibia touristy exhibition, hosted by Namibia Media Holdings, materialized at the Windhoek Show Grounds with a large quantity of individuals disbursement each day, tasting wine, new establishment showcasing, product and land developments and enjoying performances by local teams and/or artists. Expected where over 20,000 Visitors.

The Expo was held past weekend from the 30th May till 2nd of June at the Windhoek Showgrounds. One highlight of the event saw ‘the most traveled man in Africa’, Kingsley Holgate, stop by and share camping adventures with listeners. Also celebrity Chefs from South Africa and Namibia where showing of their culinary skills inside the Mopane Hall (Chef Benny Masekwameng, Chef Pete Goffe-Wood, Chef Nicolas van der Walt and Chef Sanet Prinsloo).

The collection celebrated its 20th birthday underneath the theme ‘community’, bringing together locals and tourists at the four−day affair.

“To offer a platform for the Namibian Tourism trade is to push and market their merchandise and services to all or any concerned within the trade moreover as the general public.”

Namibia tourism Expo was a prestigious and mega event organized by the Republikein and supported by the Namibian tourist as well as the Tourism Organizations and its facilitators. This event aims to supply a platform for the hosting trade of Namibia by promoting and selling their merchandise and services among potential customers and trade leaders. Namibia tourism Expo has a superb reputation of providing the sole centralized selling platform for the hospitality industry in Namibia. By displaying the merchandise and services regarding travel and overall summary, this collection can draw the eye of travel enthusiasts from everywhere of the globe. The Namibia tourism Expo has lasted a period of 4 days. Demonstrations of the innovative merchandise will create this event a more valuable exhibition and a lot of popularity among the tourism enthusiasts.

Also worth mentioning is the great involvement of the Motor Industry taking stronghold inside this Event. Mazda, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mahindra, Ford, Mercedes, MAN, Hyundai, Suzuki where some of the Manufactures present, displaying their newest Vehicles. A great crowd pleaser has been the unveiling of the new Mercedes X-Class (click for details).

Key sponsors where Old Mutual Namibia and First National Bank Namibia.

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