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Important Tips To Choose The Best Backpacker Accommodation

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Choosing an appropriate backpackers accommodation in Namibia will take a bit research, and it is better to book a room in advance before you leave home. Advance booking ensures that you have some place to stay, especially when you are new in the country. It would be depressing to come in a new country, feeling tired, and then hunting around for an accommodation.

Hippo Adventure Tours Namibia provide excellent facilities at affordable prices. You can book a room, dorm, deluxe or ensuite room or even urban camping ….according to your requirement. We will offer you various facilities such as proper parking space, storage/drying room, laundry, internet vouchers, and many more. You can keep your heavy luggage in the storage room before going to the tamping.

One can easily get a world-class accommodation in Namibia even if he has not made any advance booking. There are certain tips to keep in mind while choosing the backpackers accommodation in Namibia like:


Before you finalize a particular backpackers accommodation, it is imperative to do some research. Many hostels have their websites providing the details of the facilities offered to the guests and the price of staying per night. Find out whether they have single rooms, dorm, ensuite, tent site, or deluxe room available. Some backpacker hostels have separate rooms for men and women. This could be a problem for people who are travelling with their partner. Therefore, look for an accommodation where the family can stay together. You can call on their number to clear your queries. All the reputed hostels have receptionist who receives the calls of the customers to clear their doubts.

Reviews of the people

Apart from consulting your guidebook, you can check the social networking sites to know the opinion of the people about the best places to stay. Also, ask your fellow travellers about the best places where they have stayed themselves.
Check the room

It is suggested to view the room before booking it. An unhygienic accommodation could be a hit and a bad experience.


Travelling in a group can be a good idea when you have come to a new place. You can split up to cover different areas and check out the hostels. Come back to a common place and discuss your options. This will save your time and help you in finding suitable rooms at cheaper prices.

Follow the crowd

A good way to know the reputation of a hostel is to check whether there are a lot of people living there. There are chances that the renowned accommodations are already full, but you can still get a good one. A crowded hostel might not be in your wish list as it is likely to be very noisy, especially at night causing disturbance while sleeping. Therefore, choose a backpacker accommodationFind Article, which is neither too crowded nor too empty.
Find the best backpackers accommodation in Namibia and enjoy your trip.

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