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Namibia-Adventures.com is committed to making it easy to conduct travel business and diverse travel information in the digital era. The launch of Namibia-Adventures.com represents our latest move to work with merchants targeting the vast numbers of tourists from all over the Globe to develop innovative solutions and offer them targeted customer traffic.

“Our aim is also to embrace the potential of digital technology and provide a well-planned travel experience encompassing food, accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment.”

Through Namibia-Adventures.com, Global customers can access detailed information and buyers’ reviews about products, presented in their own language, prior to an overseas trip.

This helps them understand features and compare prices across different merchants before committing to a purchase.

They can ensure the items, activities, hang-outs or similar which they want, especially limited editions, are in stock before the trip and make reservations online, as well as seek online customer service. Generally, it is well accepted that making an informed booking from duty-free and tax-free stores/lodges/guesthouses is an added benefit’.

Global travellers using this free platform can choose from a range of products, including activities, Guesthouses, travel insights (see our Blog) and travel planning choices offered by popular merchants and tourism outlets.

Our personal aim from this Web platform is to enrich the diverse Namibian holiday and entertainment categories on Namibia-Adventures.com and recruit more Namibian merchants to include high-end Vacation options, Guesthouse options, as well as local entertainment and nightlife outlets, assisting them to reach more Global consumers.

The online travel market is gaining spotlight with e-commerce industry backing it with its strong base. Over the years, people used to spend times in queues to get their travel tickets and haggle a lot with travel agents. However, the current trend of e-commerce siting has overcome such hassle by launching online travel portals. The online travel portals, hence, helped the population with ticket confirmation in a hassle-free way. On this, the entire tourism industry is banking on the success of online travel bookings, from planning an itinerary, hotel booking, flight bookings and more. These can be done in a hassle-free way.

Apart from this, growing demands for hotel services, budgetary trip, and review based services are creating grounds for the market to grow exponentially. To support this, the owing factors behind such tremendous growth is increasing investments made by key companies or market holders namely, TripAdvisor Inc., Expedia, Inc and many others are boosting the online travel market significantly.

Furthermore, much of the growth in the online travel industry is expected to derive from millennials and newcomers, who have extensive travel inclusions, creative trip planning modes and expect a personalized customer approach. On the other hand, the growth of the online travel market is driven by the rise in the disposable income of people, and the ease of comparing a variety of travel options online. In the current scenario, market players are introducing innovative travel and vacation packages deals and are also making travel decisions as per the spending capabilities of people. This comprises of affordable packages for an international destination, discounts on flights, car rentals and cashbacks over the entire trip. These factors are tremendously encouraging the online travel market profoundly with creating more future opportunities for the population, globally.

If you are marketing inside the African Tourism Market feel free to contact us should you wish to advertise with us for free(?). Everything is welcome, no matter if a Guesthouse, Events, Restaurants, Lodges, Activities or similar. We simply are here to help travellers make an informed decision before embarking on their vacation.

Written by Johann Heckmair


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