Farm & Ocean

Did you ever visit this cool little shop Outlet in Windhoek called “Farm & Ocean”? If not then you are missing out. Open from 9:00AM -6:00PM this cosy little outlet has something for everyone. One is greeted by a nice little herb garden at the entrance. The biggest part of their retail is frozen, however, frozen of Note (!). It is vital to mention that they serve frozen goods which are rarely found and almost nowhere available in Namibia. And don’t get me started on the Spices!!! OMG!!! They stock some very interesting spices when it gets to the global selection like WHOLE Nutmeg(s), whole Piri-Piri-Sacana (generally found in Angola and very hard to get hold of in Namibia). Dried Curry leaves… for those of you into Curries know how hard it is to find those in Namibia. Very hard!

Don’t get me started on the frozen cakes. If you seriously wanna treat a family member or a good friend, you can’t go wrong. Believe us when we say, these aren’t boring old frozen cakes! Oh no, if treated accordingly you will put the cherry on top at your next event. No matter for a birthday or any other form of celebration, if you treat it right you won’t go wrong.

We also like to pin-point out that they have some very rare bottled items like REAL Siracha-Hot-Sauce (sorry, we are chilli heads) and some very interesting liqueurs like “Lockdown Poison Covid-19”. Don’t ask me where they get it from? Great branding, however.

Another great thing is that Farm & Ocean sells REAL free-range eggs, straight from the Farm. Don’t be fooled by all the frozen goodies, their selection of Fresh vs. Frozen goodies speak for themselves. They got whole and picked frozen Clams and a great array of frozen chicken, beef and pork products at great prices, with friendly staff by your side. Pay attention to their Online Ads on Facebook (click here to go to Website).

Farm & Ocean can be found in 33 Nickel Street, Prosperita in Windhoek. Always worth a visit!


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