Facts about the African Elephant

Namibia Elephants

Facts about the African Elephant

The African Elephant is also known as the savannah elephant. It is normally found in large herds in the savanna grasslands of Africa. It belongs to the kingdom Animalia, Pyhlum Chordta, Class Mammalia, Order Proboscidea and Genus Loxodonta. This genus species means that is has slanting teeth. It is the largest land mammal weighing about 3200 to 6500 kgs. It has large ears, large tusks and a long trunk. It is about 3-4m tall and 6-7m long. It is a herbivore and thrives on grass barks of trees, fruits and leaves. It is a very heavy feeder.

The males mature sexually at the age of between ten and twenty years while the cows mature at the age of ten to eleven. The life span of an African elephant is seventy years. It is normally found in forests, grasslands, marshes, scrubs and semi desert areas. In the past years, its existence was highly threatened because of poaching. Its numbers are now rising steadily as the trade in ivory was banned.

Elephants are highly organized social animals. The herd normally has up to ten females and the young. All the females are related and they share a matriarch who is the oldest and largest female in the group. Males that have already matured are with the group only in the mating season. Elephants take care of each other and are emotionally connected. The death of a family member is received with a lot of evident pain and agony. You will see the elephants mourning around the dead member of the group for days.

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