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Discover Breathtaking Botswana

There are few more unforgettable experiences than African safari holidays: the seemingly infinite horizon of the wild plains, the astonishingly lush forests and river deltas, and above all the incredible wildlife. This vast and hugely diverse content is home to a breathtaking array of flora and fauna unlike anything that can be seen anywhere else on Earth. There is far more to see than can be taken in on a single trip, but every destination offers its own unique experiences. One of the most rewarding is Botswana, a country of stunning desert vistas, gentle rolling grasslands, and teeming delta habitats. Located in the southern part of the continent, sharing borders with Zambia and South Africa, it is accessible but unspoilt, and a perfect safari destination. Read on for some of the highlights that travelers can expect from a visit to Botswana.

Moremi Wildlife Reserve

With its great swathes of wild land and relatively small population, Botswana is a gem of a destination for African safari holidays. It is home to many of the continent’s most famous animals, including Giraffes, Elephants and Lions, as well as a wealth of species that are hard to find elsewhere. The perfect starting point for an exploration of Botswana is Moremi Wildlife Reserve, which contains a diverse range of terrain types within its 5,000 square kilometer area, including woodlands, acacia forests and wetlands. It is remarkable both for its pristine quality and the range of wildlife that can be found there – over 500 species of bird flock in the skies and around pools, while the open plains host an abundance of iconic mammals. Elephants, Zebra, Buffalo, Giraffe, Hyena, Lions, Cheetahs are frequently sighted, while the wooded areas provide opportunities to see the elusive Leopard.

Okavango Delta

The largest inland river delta in the world, and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, the Okavango Delta is a sight that will remain emblazoned on travellers’ memories long after they return from their African safari holidays. Its blue waters and the astonishing throngs of wildlife that congregate during flood season make it one of the continent’s most incredible sights – and there is plenty to explore, from the islands at its heart to the fertile dry lands of its fringes. Wildlife highlights include the graceful Red Lechwe, Sable Antelope, Greater Kudu and other antelopes, Buffalo, Hippopotamus, White Rhinoceros, African Wild Dog, and hundreds of resident and migratory birds.

Chobe River

As spectacular as it is, the Okavango Delta is not the only wet area worth visiting on African safari holidays to Botswana. Chobe River, which flows through Chobe National Park, is one of the best places for Elephant sightings. These mighty animals frequent the waters of the river to drink and bathe, sometimes in enormous groups. Those with an interest in water birds will also be rewarded here.

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