Competition 2018 – Exclusive Camping Backpack (closed)

If you are an outdoor enthusiast than this is a competition you definitely want to be in for. Free to all and international participation welcome. For 2018 Hippo Adventure Tours is giving away an exclusive, fully kitted hiking/camping backpack. The closing date for 2018 will be mentioned ahead of time to give every adventurer a fair chance. This awesome prize comes fitted with the following items:

1 x Backpack (Product Image No.1) :
Prestine nylon rugged Backpack, 30L Outdoor Sport Military Tactical Backpack suited for Camping, Hiking or Trekking. 44 x 25 x 25cm in camoflage textile.

1x UV Light (Product Image No.4) :
Want to check out animals or insects at night? No problem, we got you covered.

Item Type: Flashlights Lumen: 600 Charge
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Zoom: No Wattage: 5W Battery Type: AA
Certification: CE,RoHS
Color: Purple
Lighting Distance: < 50 m
Switch Mode: Zoom In
Support Dimmer: Single file
Function: Shock Resistant
Model of LED Beads: Q5
Focal Length: Non-adjustable
Flashlight Type: Working
Model Number: 51 UV Flash Light
Applicable For: Detect For Currency, bills, documents, high-grade, evening Trekking, Insect and Birdwatching at night.

1x Camping Stove (Product Image No.6) :
This product is designed with electro-strike fire device, and it is very suitable for camping, hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities.Small and exquisite appearance, high-strength stainess steel material, excellent durability.

Equipped with a Electronic strike fire ignitor.
Small and exquisite appearance, it is convenient to carry.
With high-strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel material.
Direct-injection fire, excellent heat efficiency.
Collapsible bracket for convenient use.
It is suitable for various gas tanks (1x Canister is included).
Suitable for camping, hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities.

1x Emergency Blanket (Product Image No.10) :
Got lost in the wilderness and the storm is coming or left your sleeping bag at the camp? This emergency blanket will come in handy!

Color: Sliver
Material: stainless steel
Product weight: 96g
Size: 210 x130cm


1, After an accident, emergency blanket can be used to cover the body, to prevent a sharp decline in body temperature;

2, Should a vehicle be broken down in the cold zone or at night, emergency blanket can warm the body;

3, Also often used as a first-aid blanket or as a reflective film, send a signal to rescuers;

4, In rainy days, emergency blanket used as a poncho; can also be a distracting medium for a canopy;

5, Parking under direct sunlight in summer(?), with first-aid blanket covering automobile front windshield, the car can reduce heat absorption;

6, It is ideal to place this Emergency Blanket within a sleeping bag

7, Reduce shock,keep patient warm,dry and clean.Helps against hypothermia,

8, Simply wrap around total body leaving face uncovered.

9, Can be folded, convenient to carry when you go out.

1x Compass (Product Image No.11) :
You never want to get lost in the Desert or anywhere as a matter of fact. Let this Marching Lensatic Compass help you find your way!

Rugged metal case.
Floating luminous dial.
Adjustable luminous marching line.
With slide ruler and sighting hairline.
Operating without any battery.
Perfect in outdoor backpacking hence of it’s high sensitivity.
Comes with a small magnifier to look up maps.
Perfect fit for outdoor explorer using.

Color: Army Green
Plotting scale: 1:25000
Dimension: 7.6 * 5.7 * 2.5cm (3 * 2.23 * 1in)
Color: Army Green
Net weight: 78g /2.8oz
Package size: 8 * 6 * 3cm (3.1 * 2.4 * 1.2in)
Package weight: 86g /3oz

1x Outdoor lamp, black (Product Image No.7) :
Need some visibility in your Tent or just in need for some extral light? This little compact LED source is a lifesaver in some evenings….

Energy Saving and Environment Friendly
This lamp adopts high quality LEDs, much more safe, durable and energy saving. Lasts more than 10000 hours. No need for replacement beforehand. It can almost accompany you all the lifetime.
Unique Telescopic Design
Super lightweight and compact design.
It is easily foldable with a single touch. When you don’t use it, you can turn it into a smaller size gadget to save space. Turn it on or off by unfolding and folding it.
Stainless steel handle and plastic cover resistant to water, suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting.
Bright Energy Efficient
Illuminating the evening sky with Portable LED Outdoor Lantern. It features an omni-directional design and saving energy bulbs LED 30, giving 360 high-intensity.
Lamp source: 30 LED
Modes: 1(NO/OFF)
Switch type: push-body
Net weight: About 9.17OZ/ 260g
Material: Plastic
Battery: 3 * AA batteries (not included)

1x Binoculars (Product Image No.8) :
Yes, these are the exact newtonian telescope you are looking for. Nothing will escape your eyes attention! All kinds of various features, application and max magnification of the little helper will definitely meet your requirements. You will never regret these binoculars. Extra lightweight to help cancel out some of the heavyweight needed to be carried around on a hike!

1x Flashlight (Product Image No.5) :
Dont get left in the dark with this one. Super bright with a metal housing. No Plastic product around here! Also comes with a warning signal feature if you press the power button twice.

1x Hot or cold Flask (Product Image No.9) :
Take your hot or cold beverages along. Also ideal for a nice cup of hot soup in winter hiking. This flask will keep you and your friends happy once taken out for the first pour…

Leak-proof, this coffee mug is leak-proof, convenient to carry it out
Long time insulation, can insulate up for 8-16 hours
Two type insulation, keep your hot beverage hot and cold beverage cold
It has unique anti-bacterial function, make it safer and healthier
High quality 304 stainless steel, and vacuum technology, healthy and great insulation

1x Campinggaz (Product Image No.13) :
Energy for your outdoor-living! Powerful and convenient. Some locations dont come with wood for your campsite! So we placed this little extra for your included camping cooker, just incase.


1x Sunscreen Stick and 1x Insect Repellant (Product Image No.12) :
Nobody loves a sunburn and everyone should be protected against Malaria.

1x Survival card (Product Image No.3) :
We have seen people repair their Land Rover with this one!

1x High Quality Hippo Adventure Tours T-Shirt (Product Image No.2) 
Available in Orange, Grey, Pink, Green or Purple. The winner will have to choose btw. S, M, L or XL. We are very proud of this one. Thick and durable material with a beautiful thick print.

Terms and Conditions:
Hippo Adventure Tours reserves the right to disqualify any participant in a case of a competition marketing abuse! Winner has to be telephonic-ally available to guarantee individual identity. Should the winner not be able to get hold of, a second draw will be held. Hence this is an International Competition for 2018, Hippo Adventure Tours will handle all shipping cost’s for the Prize. Hippo Adventure Tours reserves the right for all photos taken before and after to include in their Advertising Program. Prize is not exchangeable for money. No warranty is issued on any of the included Products. We reserve the right to include advertisement(s). Participation is only redeemable for participation on Facebook or one of our roaming Vouchers. International shipment will be covered by us and handled via EMS.

     + Winner announcement (2019/02/05)


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