Charming Namibia

Namibia is a beautiful place that is well known for its bleak rough-hewn beauty. The country is designed while keeping the adventure and sports lovers in mind. Thorn bushes savanna, majestic canyons, sun-baked saltpans, desolate ravaged coastlines and timeless deserts are the wonderful bounties that await visitors in this adventurous country.

The top attractions of Namibia include the Etosha National Park and Namibia safari that is rated as the finest sanctities in the whole of Africa. Bird watching is one of the great and truly superior experiences in Namibia. While on an adventurous Namibian safari, the wide variety of activities the travelers can enjoy is beyond imagination. Skydiving over sea and land, ballooning over serene deserts, whitewater rafting, sand skiing and paragliding are the excellent activities that are offered to tourists. There are a large number of fun games as to choose from such as abseiling, fresh water and coastal angling, scuba diving, desert runs, camel riding in the deserts, mountaineering and hiking.

The Etosha National Park is highly famous for bringing the wildlife lovers from all across the globe to the country of Namibia. This marvelous park is comparable in the species diversity and size with the best of all national parks in Africa. The unusual surface of this park is popular for featuring dense woodland, brush and savanna grassland.

The Fish River Canyon cannot be rivaled in the whole of Africa. This Canyon runs for about 160 kilometers and has a depth of 550m and width of approximately 27 km. But it is not only the size that explains the true appeal and attractiveness of the canyon. The travelers can definitely experience the overwhelming sights at the different points that run along the rim. It has been found that adventure lovers from different parts of the world visit this canyon in order to experience these scintillating and magnificent views. In addition, hiking along the canyon is surely the ultimate adventure for the crazy hikers.

In this magnificent country of Namibia, the visitors can surely experience around 300 days of pure sunshine. As the coast, I found to be temperate; the normal temperature runs between the levels of 5C to 25C. However, in the winter season, people can enjoy the frost and cold of the nights in several parts of Namibia.

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