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Best time to visit Namibia

Namibia can be gone to consistently. The atmosphere is by and large dry and wonderful. Namibia just gets a small amount of the downpour experienced by nations encourage east. Between December to March, some days will be sticky and downpour may take after, frequently in limited, evening rainstorms. Natural life seeing in all parks, yet particularly in Etosha, is best in the dry season from June to October. In the wet season, creatures move far from the waterholes and scramble around the recreation center.

May to October – Dry Season – Winter

  • There is less vegetation and untamed life gathers around waterways and waterholes, making creatures less demanding to spot. It is the best time to visit Etosha.
  • There are no mists, it’s sunny and there is practically no downpour.
  • Despite the fact that most visitors visit amid the dry season, the parks still don’t feel swarmed, aside from Etosha.
  • It gets cool during the evening and in the mornings. It’s encouraged to pack warm winter apparel amid June, July and August for the chilly morning diversion drives.


October to April – Wet Season – Summer

  • After the downpours, the view is greener and the rates are lower, since it’s low season.
  • This is the time you can see infant creatures. Transitory winged creatures are available and birding is getting it done.
  • Downpours are for the most part short gives toward the evening and once in a while have a genuine negative effect on your outing.
  • It gets exceptionally hot from October to February.
  • It’s more hard to spot creatures. This is particularly valid for Etosha. For natural life, it’s prescribed to visit Etosha in the dry season.
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