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All details for Namibia Border Crossing

This Post is very useful to answer all your questions regarding border crossing from Namibia. Whether you are planning to travel to Angola, Zambia or Angola, the details below will clarify most of it. The Namibian Border has quite a mature immigration and customs systems. Passing through Namibia’s road borders is normally very straightforward should you have all the correct documents in place.

Some visitors, unfortunately, have had difficult experiences with having to bribe officers at the posts at various borders located in southern Africa. However, Namibia officials are always friendly and efficient and not open to bribery. You should ensure that you have all the necessary official documents to pass through immigration and customs, as we will explain below.

If you take your hat and your sunglasses off and put on a smile, chances are good that you will get a much warmer reception. Everybody loves to be treated kindly, so if you are having a bad day, do yourself a favour and leave the negative vibe at home. Also, please ensure your Passport is in a good condition. When it looks “very used” or gives the impression that it has been tampered with, chances are that no border crossing will be allowed. Plus ensure a minimum of 3 months before the Passport expiry date.

Documents required:

• A valid passport is a must!

• Original vehicle registration papers: Note that a certified copy is acceptable at the border post. Persons whose vehicles are still being financed by the bank will not have original vehicle registration papers. They would, therefore, use the vehicle license papers (where the renewal disk is cut out yearly), or

• Vehicle license papers: Must be accompanied with a letter from the bank giving you the authorisation to take the vehicle across the border including dates. Both the bank letter and license papers should be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths

• If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle: Please carry an affidavit from the police giving you authorisation from the owner / financial institution to take the vehicle abroad. Your Car-Rental company will also be able to help you out.

• Valid driver’s license

• Cross-border Charge: R220 per vehicle; R140 per trailer (price remains the same for Namibia Dollars) Click here to download the 2018 .pdf border crossing charges.

• Carnet de Passage: Only compulsory if the vehicle is being shipped to Namibia. Application forms can be downloaded here. Police Clearance Certificates are not required for temporary importation. These are only required if the vehicle is being used for rental purposes or if the importer is in the country on a working permit.

• Permit: Allowed up to three months, if staying in Namibia for longer and on a working permit, a provisional payment of duties valued at 16.5% of the value of the car has to be paid to customs. This is refundable upon the car’s export from Namibia. The work permit must be shown on the passport and on the letter from the company in Namibia confirming that you will be working for them. Cars registered in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana do not need to obtain a Carnet.

• ZA Sticker: Available at any AA Accredited Sales Agent store. See Map below for the AA Sales Agent in Windhoek:

Border crossing hours:

     + South Africa Crossing:

• Namibia / South Africa Ariasmsvlei: open 24hrs

• Velloordrift / Onseepskans: 08H00 – 17H00

• Noordoewer: open 24hrs

• Hohlweg: 08H00 – 16H30

• Oranjemund / Alexander Bay: 06H00- 22H00

• Rietfontein: 08H00 – 16H30

     + Botswana crossing:

• Namibia / Botswana Impalila Island: 07H00 – 18H00

• Buitepos / Mamuno: 07H00 – 24H00

• Ngoma Bridge: 07H00 – 18H00

• Muhembo/ Shakawe: 06H00 – 18H00

     + Angola crossing:

• Namibia / Angola Ruacana: 08H00 – 18H00

• Omahenene: 08H00 – 18H00

• Rundu: 08H00 – 18H00

• Oshikango: 08H00 – 18H00

     + Zambia crossing:

• Namibia / Sesheke / Zambia Wanele: 06H00 – 18H00


Please check your cargo before embarking, the chances of being Vehicle searched are high. The Duty-exempt items for personal use allow 50ml cologne, 400 cigarettes or 250gr tobacco, 1-litre liquor, 2 litres of wine, 250ml Eau de Toilette or other new or used items to the value of N$ 2000.oo. So with, all things exceeding this limit including food, are subject to strict tariff regulations. This also applies to travellers from South Africa. Should you bring gifts for friends or family, a value of N$200.oo and all personal items are allowed and recommended (duty-free).

The following rules apply to the importation of meat into Namibia. Only 25kg per person older than 12 years and 3 per vehicle (mutton, goat and beef), are allowed for own consumption only and no permit is required. A weighed amount of 10kg of biltong or processed meat allowed per vehicle. No chicken or pork may be imported for own use into Namibia should you cross into Namibia from the outside. 

• Any queries on Duty-exempt items please phone the customs Office in Windhoek at Tel: +264 (0)61 2099111.

• Further information regarding protein cargo can be obtained from the Namibian Ministry of Agriculture at Tel: +264 (0)61 276580


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