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Welcome to Namibia-Adventures.com and let us help you plan all your activities in advance to secure your place for any of our large range of Activities at hand. With our Digital Advertising Platform, you will be able to book directly from the comfort of your home. Activity bookings are so with free and handled via you and your travelling companions. As rumour has it, we are the only free Adventure Centre Online Platform in Namibia which offers activities within ALL Regions of Namibia. Let us help you book your preferred undertaking in advance in order to avoid disappointments OR possible activity overbooking(s).

  Looking for Events in Namibia? Go ahead and click here for our daily updated collection.

Download our FREE Booklet on our personally compiled activities available Namibia (2018 Edition). This .pdf gives you a huge range over 92 pages on adventures and activities to choose from. Ranging from Windhoek, Swakopmund, Okahandja and other diverse locations. Ideal for Self-Drivers or fresh Visitors who have never been to Namibia. Included are 90% of selected activities which are NOT advertised via brochures throughout the country, which makes many of them hard to find for “first timers”. (3,668 Mb download size) 

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Selected Activities:











Some other Sample companies included in our activity list (not linked):


We know that most Tour Operators, Tour Facilitators, Safari Agents etc. host a huge range of activities. That’s why we keep our range of activity confidential for a reason. For our clients and guest’s we offer a huge range of things to do (and shouldn’t be missed). We have activities which are unknown to most Tourist as well as Agents (or similar).

PLEASE NOTE: Our large range of activities can be viewed individually or within a Group on visitation at our Office. Most of them can’t be booked online, unfortunately! However, bookings can be placed directly on site. No matter for activities, Restaurant evenings, Cultural excursions, Social activities or similar. For nightlife enthusiasts who love to experience the Party scene, safe and secure transportation can be planned and arranged ahead of time (24/7 Taxi Service for the individual or Group Transportation back to your Place/Hotel/BnB/ or Camp Site of stay *recommended). Transfers for Visitors staying outside of a Windhoek’s main residential locations are welcome (eg. Heja Game Lodge). 

  Looking for Events in Namibia? Go ahead and click here for our daily updated collection.

–  Also, watch out for some of our roaming Vouchers. Bring them in this year (2018) to partake in our yearly raffle. This is a nice one…. (click for details).

We also offer:

1. Culinary Experiences

2. Spa Treatments

3. Camping Namibia

4. Township Tours

5. Photographic Tours

6. Nightlife Evenings

7. Cultural Evenings


b.Special Services:

1b. Namibia Visa Extensions

2b. Namibia Airport Transfers

3b. Emergency Services

4b. Document loss handling

5b. Any legal issues

6b. Free Online advertisement


c. Border Crossing Intrest’s (incl. pdf download links)

1c. Activities in Cape Town (download Brochure here, 111 pages – 21,8Mb) ⇐ ⇐ 

2c. Activities in Botswana (download Brochure on • southern Botswana 40 pages – 2,3Mb OR download the • Getaway 4×4 Guide for Botswana, 48 pages – 9,3Mb⇐ ⇐ 

3c. Activities in Zambia (download Brochure here, 22 pages – 1,6Mb) ⇐ ⇐

4c. Activities in Angola (call for Information)

….and much, MUCH more!

Come in for a visit!


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