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About our Guided Tours

We at  “Hippo Adventure Tours” would love to provide you with an outstanding Safari Holiday throughout Namibia, tailor-made to your demands, specifications and request. We tailor make custom Namibia Safari Adventures which will satisfy more than a “standard” holiday. Our company is specialized on Namibian Adventures and exclusive experiences.

Although many industries sell products with considerable experience components (restaurants, gymnasiums, car sales, professional sports), perhaps tourism depends more than others on the customer experience. A strong understanding of place combined with a strong understanding of market affords us, your tour planner to create experience opportunities that very specifically target the needs, desires, and expectations of the particular tourism market segments and offerings. At Hippo Adventure Tours we vested a lot of interest in the well-being of the Namibian environment, quality of life of the Namibian people, and the preservation of cultural elements that create the basis for a visitation. Regarding larger visitations, every Guest is treated as an individual and not like a fluent communicated Group member.

We at Hippo Adventure Tours strongly believe this philosophy and would love to create this mentioned experience as best possible for each individual client visiting Namibia.

Please be aware that our Guided Tours are of high quality and in popular demand. We reserve the right of clientele hosting, hence we are not a company catering for catalogue or brochure holidays, last minute Bookings or budget holidays. We are Namibia Tourism Specialists who offer only the best experience possible. Our clientele is selective and restricted towards our company outlines. Every client or Group visitation will be offered a huge range of extra’s, undertakings and special services on arrival which is ignored or not offered via our competitors.

Hippo’s Guided Tours Outline:

  • + Clients are NOT sent on Tour Buses or Rotel Hotel excursions.
  • + Our Namibia Guided Tours do NOT handle accommodation in Backpackers or low-class Lodges. We guarantee a choice of reviewed and tested destination excellence.
  • + We cater for the medium-high – luxury individuals, therefore we uphold a standard of quality. Our guided tour clientele will be accompanied by the best guides which Namibia has to offer, so with our value guarantee of the best Safari Vacation possible. These Guides are the best in the business and hard to get hold of and not always available. Therefore, early bookings are mandatory!
  • + Our tours are all tailor-made to the client’s individual needs (however pre-selected routes are available).
  • + Safety towards our clients is of highest responsibility.
  • + Comfort of our clients is of highest concern.
  • + We take approved Groups of maximum 12 people (excluding Weddings).
  • + No children below 12 years of age, sorry!


Self Drive Tours details include:



We look forward to hearing from you!

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