4 Desert Race Namibia 2017

Event Date:  29 April – 06 May 2017

Organisers: Francois Snyders and Oliver Ahrens

4 Desert Race is a rough country endurance footrace and begins in March, ends in December and takes place annually. Locations are Chile, China, Namibia and Antarctica. It’s been an active race for 15 years now, and allows a maximum of 200 competitors. It stretches of a 250 km race in 6 – 7 days and was founded by American Mary K. Gadams.

For our guides its always an “extra” adventure to take part, – at least in the organisation part of this sporting event. Well to note is that most of the on-route helpers and/or staff are mainly from the tourism sector in Namibia. The event is a huge break-away into areas where most people can’t venture hence the main route of the race takes part inside the restricted Skeleton Coast. Apart from most stunning scenery there is also a very interesting Fauna & Flora to be found here. And like always, Dr. Flip Standr from the Desert Lion Project Namibia, is always an extra highlight for drivers, volunteers and competitors.

Click here to have a look at the complete photo Album!

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