Skydive over the Namib Desert

Tandem skydiving gives an exhilarating experience of a lifetime. It is great fun and gives you a spectacular view of the stunning Atlantic coastlines and the Namib Desert. One must experience a tandem jump in Namibia at least once so as to enjoy a great freefall .

The excitement of skydiving is never ending.
It is very easy to calculate your freefall time. There are several skydiving clubs that claim to give a very long freefall and some even claim to give you a freefall of more than 60 seconds! But the fact is that while doing a tandem skydive , it takes approximately 10 seconds to fall through the first 1000 ft and reach terminal velocity. Afterwards, it will take only 5 seconds for every 1000 ft (304.8 meter). It is noteworthy that according to the Namibian Parachute Federation , the main parachute has to be opened by 4000 ft. This allows calculating your freefall time correctly. A tandem skydive from 8000 ft (2 438.4 meter). gives you a 25 seconds freefall while a tandem jump from 9000 ft (2 743.2 meter). gives a 30 seconds freefall. If you do a tandem jump from 10000 ft. it will give you a 35 seconds freefall and a tandem skydive from 11000 ft. will give you a 40 seconds freefall. But if you want to jump from a further height, say, 12000 ft or 14000 ft (3 657.6 meter to 4 267.2 meter). the freefall time would be respectively 45 seconds and 55 seconds. Because Swakomund is a Coastal Town the Skydive Jump takes place at 22 965.879 265 feet (7000 meter) which allows for a longer freefall to enjoy the spectacular nature from above. Nothing is more exciting than seeing the contrast of blue and brown which the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib Desert deliver when experienced from above.

The above mentioned freefall time are general guidelines and there may be small variations. These variations may depend upon the combined weight of you, your instructor and the parachute. Your weight has a direct impact on your freefall time. The heavier you are, the faster you’ll fall. The sport of tandem jump gives an altogether a new high and a person can enjoy a riveting freefall. People can enjoy the sport without any pressure and experience the marvelous feeling of flying in the air. With this thrilling sport, people also have the opportunity to challenge their fear of heights. It is an excellent way to do so; without any fear as in a tandem skydives the instructor will be harnessed to you. The fear is reduced as there is no responsibility of jumping solo. It is a perfect sport for those people who want to make their life exciting by indulging in a stimulating sport like that of a tandem jump.

People who want to enjoy the exciting sport of tandem skydive can easily indulge in a tandem jump at Swakopmund.

The Namibian Experience

The Namibia Experience

The stunning expansive deserts of Namibia provide a feast of visual treats to take in on your family safari. Adults and children will love seeing families of elephants drinking and bathing in the hidden oases they locate to survive in the blistering heat. In the heart of Damaraland, situated in northern Namibia, can be discovered the fascinating petrified forest, created approximately280 million years ago when a giant deluge buried them beneath the sandy soil. Within hollow tree trunks glittering crystalline quartz can be found. Namibia is filled with an ancient gallery of rock paintings by San Bushmen, some dated at 27, 000 years old. Children will relish the opportunity to match the timeless pictures with the indigenous animals that still occupy the country like antelopes, giraffes, elephants and lions. Brimming with archaeological delights, Namibia is both an exciting and educational destination for a family safari that introduces tourists to Africa’s riveting natural history.

Drive or Fly over the Skeleton Coast

On the Namibian coast by the Atlantic Ocean lies the famous Skeleton Coast. Here the whaling trade thrived when it was legal. Those days have long passed and the main skeletons to be viewed there are the many shipwrecked vessels that dot the beaches. Huge waves crash upon the shore, while heavy fog reminds holidaymakers how the ships the Otavi, Eduard Bohlen, Tong Taw and Dunedin Star became stranded there. On your family safari you can drive through the region with an expert guide or take advantage of one of the arresting scenic flights, gaining a bird’s eye view of the intriguing area. Parents and children will find the life sustaining wells fashioned by elephants and baboons an incredible sight. All the wildlife found in the area has shown great tenacity adapting to survive in this desert region. A trip to the Skeleton Coast should be placed on the itinerary for your family safari in Namibia.

See the Sweeping Sand Dunes of Sossusvlei on your Family Safari

Situated between the Koichab and Kuiseb rivers, the Sossusvlei region spans approximately 32,000 km² and is filled with gigantic red sand dunes. This beautiful area of the Namib Desert in southern Namibia is home to a vast number of animals, including antelopes, jackals, lizards, springboks and oryxes. Children adore the timid ostriches that sprint with astounding speed and grace across the red sands. Be sure to visit Big Daddy during your family safari in Namibia, the highest dune in Sossusvlei at a huge height of 1,000 feet.

Ghost Town in Namibia – Kolmanskop

Kolmanskop – Kolmanskop is a ghost town in southern Namibia, a few kilometers from the port of Luderitz. In 1908 Luderitz diamond fever, and people then go to the Namib desert to get rich easily. In the past two years created a magnificent city with all the infrastructure such as casinos, schools, hospitals, also with an exclusive residential buildings which stood on land that was once barren and the desert. But after the first world war, buying and selling diamonds to a standstill, this is the beginning of the end of everything. Throughout the 1950s the city began to be abandoned, the sand began to reclaim what belonged to him. Rugged metal board collapsed, beautiful gardens and tidy streets were buried under the sand, windows and doors bergeretak on each hinge, glass-glass window shows the split widened as the destruction of the towering sand. Quote: A new ghost town had been born, is still visible a pair of buildings that stand, there are also building such a theater is still in very good condition, and the rest, the houses destroyed crushed sand and into a row of houses ghost scary.

Charming Namibia

Namibia is a beautiful place that is well known for its bleak rough-hewn beauty. The country is designed while keeping the adventure and sports lovers in mind. Thorn bushes savanna, majestic canyons, sun-baked saltpans, desolate ravaged coastlines and timeless deserts are the wonderful bounties that await visitors in this adventurous country.

The top attractions of Namibia include the Etosha National Park and Namibia safari that is rated as the finest sanctities in the whole of Africa. Bird watching is one of the great and truly superior experiences in Namibia. While on an adventurous Namibian safari, the wide variety of activities the travelers can enjoy is beyond imagination. Skydiving over sea and land, ballooning over serene deserts, whitewater rafting, sand skiing and paragliding are the excellent activities that are offered to tourists. There are a large number of fun games as to choose from such as abseiling, fresh water and coastal angling, scuba diving, desert runs, camel riding in the deserts, mountaineering and hiking.

The Etosha National Park is highly famous for bringing the wildlife lovers from all across the globe to the country of Namibia. This marvelous park is comparable in the species diversity and size with the best of all national parks in Africa. The unusual surface of this park is popular for featuring dense woodland, brush and savanna grassland.

The Fish River Canyon cannot be rivaled in the whole of Africa. This Canyon runs for about 160 kilometers and has a depth of 550m and width of approximately 27 km. But it is not only the size that explains the true appeal and attractiveness of the canyon. The travelers can definitely experience the overwhelming sights at the different points that run along the rim. It has been found that adventure lovers from different parts of the world visit this canyon in order to experience these scintillating and magnificent views. In addition, hiking along the canyon is surely the ultimate adventure for the crazy hikers.

In this magnificent country of Namibia, the visitors can surely experience around 300 days of pure sunshine. As the coast, I found to be temperate; the normal temperature runs between the levels of 5C to 25C. However, in the winter season, people can enjoy the frost and cold of the nights in several parts of Namibia.

Best advice for 4 x 4 hire

4x4 Vehicle Rental Namibia

4 x 4 hire Namibia – For travellers seeking the ultimate holiday experience, 4×4 hire Namibia offers one of the most flexible and easy ways to travel through this beautiful land of contrasts. A regular car may get you from one destination to the next if you’re sticking to paved roads, four wheel drives however will get you from the towering dunes of the Namib to the remote paths at Fish River Canyon, all in true off-road adventure style. Self-drive also has the added benefit of letting you travel the country on your own terms, choosing your own routes and creating your own adventure as you go where the wind takes you. This gives the perfect chance to explore the multitude of wonders to be found across Namibia.

In order to ensure that your 4×4 rental in Namibia is a safe and memorable one, keep these tips in mind when planning your trip:

Pack wisely and be prepared for anything from roughing it up in a tent to staying in backpackers or guest houses. If you are planning a full outdoor adventure, you will need a decent tent such as two person dome tents, which are waterproof with mosquito netting to keep out bugs, plus camping mattresses, sleeping bags, ground covers, assorted camping pots, pans, plastic or tin cups, bowls and plates, cutlery, camping stove, cooler box and anything else you may require on your adventure.

Aim to hire a GPS enabled 4×4 rental option and purchase a current Namibia road map. The last thing you need is to find yourself stuck in the middle of a desert without knowing where you are. Namibia is a vast country and getting lost is a very real possibility if you do not know where you are going so always plan your route properly.
Pack the right clothes to suit all weather. Temperatures towards the deserts reach fever point during the day and get very cold at night, while along the coast the weather can be cooler during the day time. Bring a range of comfortable clothing items, and pack sandals as well as hiking boots to ensure that you are well-prepared for any adventure.
Always know which areas are safe to venture to, and which may be better to avoid. Namibia is a safe country that is ideal for self-drive travel; however tensions in neighbouring countries can make border areas a bit more sensitive. Do your research, and keep a listen out for travel warnings or other indications of places to steer clear of during your 4×4 hire adventure.
Find out where there are rest and fuel stops on your route. These are often situated near remote areas, and are often the last place where you can refill your fuel and supplies before venturing out into the desert or game parks. Don’t assume you will find another fuel stop once you enter into these remote areas, rather take advantage of these rest stops to refuel, check water and oil levels and stock up on water and food.
As one of the most diverse and spectacular countries in Africa, with stark contrasts spanning desert, oceans and rich game regions, there is no better destination for self-drive than Namibia. You may have a planned itinerary to visit the top travel destinations in this country, or you may simply start at Windhoek and make your way down to coast into the Namib region. Whatever you decide, car hire offers the best way to see Namibia in style and comfort.