Photo Collection of Namibia pre-21’st century

A small photo collection of 30 black and white photos, taken by various unknown photographers in the days of colonialism and other dark days. We don’t want to provide inaccurate information, therefore, we exempt ourselves from explaining every photo itself. All we can say that the locations on these photos include Swakopmund Mole, Kristuskirche, Reiterdenkmal, Avis Damm in Windhoek, Pupkewitz General Dealer (one of the oldest retailers in Namibia), Hotel Kaiserkrone, Kaiserliches Zollamt, Swakopmund Leuchtturm, Tintenpalast, a vehicle used for an Ostrich hunt, diverse traditional and non-traditional Garments worn by proud Namibian’s and other selected and diverse images. Mainly, most of the images include a beautiful showcase of some of the Architecture still present throughout Independence Avenue in Windhoek and the general location of and around the Kristuskirche. One character trait which helps predict the age of some of these photos is the layout and shape of bricks shown inside a few photos and also the vehicles used at the time. Perhaps some of you reading this will also notice the “Jugendstil Architecture” and the old-school font’s used on all the signage(?). Unfortunately, much knowledge on when, where and by whom got lost over the time. Many other photos/replicas can be found at Windhoek’s UNIC Library, UNAM Library ( recommended), Peter’s Antiques in Swakopmund and other selected locations.

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• Kolmanskuppe – German colonial coastal Ghost Town

Christus Church Namibia

Kristus Kirche, Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek’s best recognized landmark, and something of an unofficial symbol of the city, this German Lutheran church stands on a traffic island and lords it over the city center

. This unusual building, which was constructed from local sandstone in 1907, was designed by architect Gottlieb Redecker in conflicting neo-Gothic and art nouveau styles. The resulting design looks strangely edible, and is somewhat reminiscent of a whimsical gingerbread house. The altarpiece, the Resurrection of Lazarus, is a copy of the renowned work by Rubens. To view the interior, pick up the key during business hours from the nearby church office on Peter Müller St.


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Images are the Copyright and kindly provided by: Sky Aerial Imaging (Namibia) CC.