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Tickets to Namibia for Euro 500,-

For our adventurer seekers We have identified a super flight deals for you . For incredible € 500 via Condor Airlines direct flights from Frankfurt to Windhoek ! Flights gets her for this award from early December to mid-February , even...

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Discover Breathtaking Botswana

There are few more unforgettable experiences than African safari holidays: the seemingly infinite horizon of the wild plains, the astonishingly lush forests and river deltas, and above all the incredible wildlife. This vast and hugely diverse content is home to...

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Hot Air Ballooning Adventure
Namibia Hot Air Ballooning Safari

While small, ordinary balloons can be entertaining, true wonder is had when one actually rides in a hot air balloon. These large balloons work in a completely different way, needing a constant flow of hot air pumped into their large...

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