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About Hippo Adventure Tours

Hippo Adventure Tours is a Namibian tour operator with emphasis on custom and/or tailored safaris, guided and self-drive tours and travel arrangements for Namibian tourists. We are registered members of the Namibian Tourism Board. We provide superior service and have years of personal knowledge and guidance on travelling in Namibia. Our Staff speak German, English and Afrikaans (fluent).

  • Management of guided Safari Adventures
  • Pre-booking of international Groups
  • All round activities and sight-seeing excursions
  • Vehicle self-drive Tour bookings

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European Driving Licence in Namibia

This is a very frequently asked question from European clients

Snakebite Help-Guide

We picked up this very valuable Informative Text roaming throughout

Conservation of Namibia’s Ecosystems

Conservation within Namibia is a big cornerstone for the maintenance

2018 exclusive Tours

Absolute Wildlife

Rhino´s, Elephants, Lions, Buffalo´s, Leopards, Antelopes, bird-watching or even ancient rock paintings! This tour will satisfy the hunger for every wildlife enthusiast. .

Off the beaten Track

This journey will take us deep into unspoilt wilderness, special for visitors who like hiking through Mountains and observe wildlife by foot. .

Thrill seek expedition

This package will suit the more adventures traveller who prefer hands-on experiences which Africa has to offer. Not for the faint hearted!!! 

About your Safari

Hippo Adventure Tours operates in coordination with well-established and highly regarded establishments and international tour operators, ensuring the highest quality of service and satisfaction throughout your journey.


All guides have a minimum of 10 years guiding experience within the Namibian tourism industry and its surroundings. So your experience is more than guaranteed. All our enthusiastic professionals have a vast knowledge of the local fauna and flora, as well as other magical sites and experiences the country has to offer.


We are dedicated to making your Safari or wildlife adventure more than just exciting and enlightening. We also make sure that all our vehicles provided for transportation, offer a maximum level of comfort and safety (Legal Insurance guaranteed with all bookings).


Our Guided Tours and more…

We at  “Hippo Adventure Tours” would love to provide you with an outstanding Safari Holiday throughout Namibia, tailor-made to your demands, specifications and request. We tailor make custom Namibia Safari Adventures which will satisfy more than a “standard” holiday. Our company is specialized on Namibian Adventures and exclusive experiences.


Although many industries sell products with considerable experience components (restaurants, gymnasiums, car sales, professional sports), perhaps tourism depends more than others on the customer experience. A strong understanding of place combined with a strong understanding of market affords us, your tour planner to create experience opportunities that very specifically target the needs, desires, and expectations of the particular tourism market segments and offerings. At Hippo Adventure Tours we vested a lot of interest in the well-being of the Namibian environment, quality of life of the Namibian people, and the preservation of cultural elements that create the basis for a visitation. Regarding larger visitations, every Guest is treated as an individual and not like a fluent communicated Group member.


Breakfast at all locations (view details)


Guided Self-Drive

Cancellation / Prepayment

Payments of 80% should be done in advance. Limited return on cancellation.

Client Testimonials

  • A super team with a great love for Namibia and all its treasures!

    Marius Hattingh
  • We booked a group tour for our German guests with Hippo Tours, from beginning to end it was perfect! We all felt well looked after by the "Hippos Team"! Thanks to Trixi and Johann for the planning and bookings, and thanks to Holger our guide who truly loves Namiba and gave our guests a big insight on this beautiful country! Thanks for everything! You guys rock!

    Vanessa Meier
  • It was a blast for us, to travel with you through the south of Namibia. Thanx for your perfect planning and excellent organisation of the whole trip. Truly recommendable!!

    Joerg Frank
  • Top Tour und super nettes Team 👍👍👍 War ein rundum gelungenes Afrika-Erlebnis

    Martin Umbach
  • Man kann jedem anraten um mit Hippo Tours durch Namibia zu reisen. Holger kennt sein Land und ist sehr professional. Seine Kollegen unterstuetzen ihn auch sehr sodass alles glatt verlaeuft.

    Gundi Meyer
  • Great team, Super tours ! Highly recommended. We really enjoyed every minute of our legend holidays !

    Hannes Frank


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Namibia honeymoon

Since Prince Harry of Wales and American actress Rachel Meghan Markle proclaimed their engagement in late 2017, speculation concerning their honeymoon destination has been rampant. However, currently, it looks that their selection is evident – the comparatively little-visited and hugely lovely Southern African nation of the formerly known "German South West Afrika" currently named Namibia. Beautiful Namibia is being put in...

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The updated Namibian Wetlands Route

Situated in a very limited riverine forest, Caprivi Mutoya Lodge & bivouac lies on the banks of a tranquil backwater lake of the Zambezi, around 24km east of Katima Mulilo. For eight months of the year (mid-May to February) the...

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Namibia’s Naja anchietae-Anchieta’s cobra

This is Namibia's largest elapid snake and may be a non-spitter. the pinnacle is pointed and hardly distinct from the remainder of the body. Juveniles ar yellow on top of and below and a broad black band encircles the neck. Adults darken to lightweight or dark brown as they age. A banded variation additionally happens with broad black and...

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Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast Namibia, the world’s largest ship cemetery: Portuguese sailors referred to as it the "Gates of Hell." Namibia's Bushmen speak of the land God created in anger. From the air, the awful boundary of the Skeleton Coast appearance howling -- a deep inexperienced ocean, fringed with surf, breaks over a shore...

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Namibia Self Drive Special 2019

This Self Drive Tour will give you a short but sweet introduction within a Namibian Safari. Going from the capital City (Windhoek) and travelling south to the Namib Naukluft Mountains, where the scenery will leave you breathless. Afterwards, a short...

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